Discoms News

A truly level playing field for discoms

If the government wants more than one discom to spur competition, then all such discoms should serve exactly the same…

Some of these dues have been pending for anywhere between three months to over a year.
A powerful move

The electricity grid operator’s action against states was long overdue to resolve the discom mess

Thus a big gap in the implementation of the 2003 law is sought to be removed, as in practice, open access was limited to industrial units and cross-subsidies given by states depended on using industrial consumers to subsidise households and farmers.
Power politics

The electricity Bill should not become a victim of politicking as it has many sensible provisions

This was repeated just before the beginning of the ongoing Parliament session also, and there were reports that 34 Bills are going to be tabled including the Electricity (Amendment) Bill 2022.
Powering distribution reform

The focus should be privatising existing discoms rather than bringing in more licensees.


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