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Britain’s authority within European Union will rise after “In” vote: PM David Cameron

Cameron also reiterated a warning made in a newspaper interview published on Sunday that pensions and the publicly funded National Heath Service could face cuts after a vote for Brexit.

Britain kicks off Queen’s 90th birthday celebrations

Britain today kicked off three days of celebrations to mark Queen Elizabeth II's official 90th birthday with a national thanksgiving service...

Brexit: How will Britain’s EU referendum vote count work on the night?

Britain extended the voter registration period for the referendum to midnight on June 9 after a late surge in applications crashed a key website shortly before the original June 7 midnight deadline.

British support for remaining in the European Union narrowly ahead: polls

Britons narrowly favour remaining in the European Union according to two polls published in Tuesday's newspapers, in contrast to surveys released on Monday which showed the campaign for Brexit ahead.

UK Brexit debate has echoes of 1975

It's a snapshot from another political era. Forty-one years ago, in Britain's last referendum on Europe, Margaret Thatcher hit the campaign trail clad in a woolly jumper emblazoned with a Union flag.

UK’s Cameron says leaving EU would be ‘economic self-harm’

Many voters have expressed frustration at all the claims and counterclaims, and Thursday's studio audience - selected to include pro-and anti-EU voters, as well as....

London’s Labour Party mayor joins David Cameron against ‘Brexit’

London's new mayor has joined forces with Prime Minister David Cameron in the campaign to prevent a British exit from the European Union.

UK’s David Cameron says encouraging offers for Tata Steel but no guarantees of success

"We have just got to stick at it and do everything we can to try to bring this to a successful conclusion. As I have always said, there are no guarantees, we can't guarantee this is going to work but we are doing everything w

David Cameron warns Brexit would drive up food prices

British Prime Minister David Cameron warned voters on Sunday that they would face higher grocery bills if the country decides to leave the European Union at a June 23 referendum..

Queen unveils UK govt’s new agenda ahead of EU referendum

Queen Elizabeth II today unveiled UK government's agenda for the year, announcing plans for new counter-extremism legislation, measures to tackle corruption, money laundering and tax evasion.

ISIS might be happy with Brexit: David Cameron

British Prime Minister David Cameron today warned that Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists would be happy if Britain was to vote to leave the European Union (EU) in the crucial June 23 referendum.

British PM David Cameron stands by “divisive, stupid and wrong” comment on Donald Trump: Spokesman

"The prime minister (David Cameron) has made his views on Donald Trump's comments very clear. He disagrees with them," the spokesman said.

Donald Trump says unlikely to have a good relationship with British PM Cameron

Donald Trump has said he is unlikely to have a good relationship with David Cameron because the British prime minister cast the U.S. presidential candidate as "divisive...

Brexit no leverage for better EU deal: Wolfgang Schaeuble

Britain should not hope to use a "Brexit" to renegotiate a membership deal with the European Union, Germany's finance minister warned today.

Britain’s queen caught on camera calling Chinese officials “very rude”

Queen Elizabeth has been caught on camera saying Chinese officials were "very rude" to the British ambassador during a state visit to Britain by President Xi Jinping last year.


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