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Too simplified for comfort

The new draft of the Data Protection Bill, while considerably abridged, leaves out a lot of much-needed specifics required for…

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Prioritising progress over perfection

The Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 addresses many of the concerns that dogged previous iterations of the draft legislation.…

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A step in the right direction

The personal data protection Bill gets it right on most counts. A transitory period of 24 months to align infrastructure,…

Digital Data Protection Bill 2022, data protection, cyber attack, cyber threat, cyber crime,
A nimbler data protection Bill

The Bill seeks to establish a consent- and rights-based data protection regime that does not sacrifice commercial autonomy or innovation

Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022, Digital Personal Data Protection Bill 2022 draft, right to privacy
Failing Digital Nagriks

Instead, the latest version of the Digital Personal Data Protection Bill seeks to impose duties and penalties on them


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