Scientists discover hidden galaxies behind Milky Way 250 mn light years away from Earth

A team of international scientists has discovered hundreds of hidden galaxies hidden from view until now by our own galaxy, the Milky Way, some 250 million light years away from the Earth.

Most distant massive galaxy cluster, formed only 3.8 bn years after the Big Bang, found

Astronomers have detected a massive, sprawling, churning galaxy cluster - about 1,000 times more massive than our Milky Way galaxy - that formed only 3.8 billion years after the Big Bang.

Ground-breaking find can challenge Big Bang theory, understand formation of universe

The research is on the decay of subatomic particles called kaons, which could change how scientists understand the formation of the universe.

In ‘active’ galaxy ‘powered’ by black hole, NASA probe spots hints of gamma-ray cycle

Astronomers using data from NASA's Fermi Gamma-ray Space Telescope have detected hints of periodic changes in the brightness of a so-called "active" galaxy, whose emissions are powered by a supersized black hole.

‘Hazardous’ Giant asteroid to whizz past Earth on Oct 31, 2015: Nasa

A potentially hazardous giant asteroid with an 'extremely eccentric' orbit is set to fly past the Earth on October 31 at over 125,529 kilometres per hour, according to Nasa.

Indian-origin doctor undergoes training to travel to space

An Indian-origin doctor in Canada is training for a scientist-astronaut project that may give her the chance to conduct experiments in space.

Asteroid 86666 to ‘swoosh’ past Earth this weekend, says NASA

NASA has announced that Asteroid 86666, a giant rock that has the potential to end life on the planet, will narrowly miss Earth this weekend.

Could Earth-like planets around small stars be habitable?

Earth-like planets orbiting close to small stars may have magnetic fields that protect them from stellar radiation and help maintain surface conditions that could be conducive to life, scientists say.

Canadian university head William Leitch proposed rocket spaceflight in 1861

Rocket-based spaceflight was proposed 30 years earlier than previously thought by a Canadian university head, William Leitch, a space historian says.

As many as 8 more galactic neighbours found hovering near Milky Way

A survey has found more celestial neighbours hovering near our Milky Way galaxy, suggesting that our sky is more crowded than we thought.

Galaxy that spits out 800 new stars every year discovered

In an incredibly rare find, astronomers have discovered a gargantuan galaxy cluster, 9.8 billion light years away, in which the brightest galaxy is rapidly creating about 800 stars every year.

‘Misplaced’ volcanoes on Jupiter’s moon Io due to magma oceans: NASA

Tides flowing in a subsurface ocean of molten rock, or magma, could explain why Jupiter's moon Io appears to have its volcanoes in the 'wrong' place and could also have implications for the search for alien life, a NASA study

Dwarf galaxy mystery: A humble beginning, then a star-forming powerhouse

A team of astronomers has helped explain how a lowly dwarf galaxy becomes a star-forming powerhouse.

Supermoon eclipse: Scooting about the solar system

News of the supermoon eclipse due on the night of September 27-28 has recommended the heavens yet again to public attention. It’s a rarity, a blood moon about 14% bigger than normal.

Whisky in space acquired smoky flavours, meaty aroma!

A Scottish distillery that sent unmatured malt whisky into space for three years to study the effect of near-zero gravity on flavour has found that the sample had acquired a set of smoky flavours, a meaty aroma, and was "noti

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