Consumer Protection

Consumer Protection Act: Class action suit provision to keep e-commerce firms on toes for product defects

The Consumer Protection Act has conferred the CCPA with the power to order trader or manufacturer or advertiser or publisher to discontinue advertising found to be misleading following an investigation. The act stated that fa

Enforcement Directorate has sent FEMA show cause notice of Rs 7,220 crore to a Kolkata-based jewellery house for allegedly indulging in illegal foreign exchange abroad

Top 5 perks for ‘first class’ travellers that make ‘economy’ flyers suffer

According to consumer advocates, passengers in back of the plane are effectively subsidising new luxuries offered to first-class passengers, which leads to giving up personal space and accepting more restrictive terms on thei

FM Arun Jaitley for giving power to consumers to file class action suits

Arun Jaitley: The manner in which representations are made and the underlying principle of buyer being aware of the nature of goods and services itself will now have to be rewritten.

Changes likely in Consumer Protection Act this session

The government will likely introduce amendments to the Consumer Protection Act (CPA) 1986...

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