ये हैं 3 सबसे सस्ती BS6 CNG कारें, 5.32 लाख रु तक है कीमत

अगर आप BS6 CNG कार खरीदना खरीदना चाहते हैं लेकिन बजट बहुत ज्यादा नहीं है तो परेशान न हों.

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अब जल्द होगी पेट्रोल-CNG की होम डिलीवरी, मोदी सरकार कर रही है तैयारी

सरकार अब पेट्रोल और CNG जैसे ईंधनों की होम डिलिवरी शुरू करने पर विचार कर रही है.

खाना पकाना-कार चलाना सस्ता! दिल्ली, नोएडा, ग्रेटर नोएडा, गाजियाबाद में घट गए CNG-PNG के दाम

इंद्रप्रस्थ गैस लिमिटेड (IGL) ने CNG और PNG के दाम में शुक्रवार को 7 फीसदी तक की कटौती की है.

good news for consumers! IGL cuts CNG PNG prices in Delhi, Noida, Greater Noida and Ghaziabad cities new rates

गाड़ी चलाना और खाना पकाना होने वाला है सस्ता! प्राकृतिक गैस के दाम में 26% की बड़ी कटौती

इस तरह 2014 में घरेलू गैस का मूल्य निर्धारण फार्मूला आधारित बनाये जाने के बाद दाम सबसे नि

Natural gas prices cut by steep 26 pc; likely to translate into lower CNG and piped cooking gas prices, huge dent in ONGC revenues

मोदी सरकार का बड़ा प्लान, डीजल की तरह CNG, LNG की होगी होम डिलीवरी

ईंधन यानी फ्यूल की उपलब्धता को आसान बनाने के लिए केंद्र सरकार जल्द ही कुछ बड़े कदम उठा

modi government big plan oil minister dharmendra pradhan hints for doorstep delivery of CNG LNG

सिलिंडर फुल होने पर पहुंच जाएंगे दिल्ली से पटना! आ गई भारत की पहली पावरफुल ‘CNG बस’

पेट्रोलियम मंत्री का कहना है कि इन सीएनजी बसों को प्रायोगिक आधार पर चलाया जा रहा है. जल

oil minister dharmendra pradhan launches long Range CNG bus can travel 1000 KM with full cylinders in once

Odd-Even Scheme: Delhi’s data deficit

The state government deems the last odd-even initiative a success but can we solve the pollution problem in the absence of reliable data?

Letters to the editor

Central cabinet has approved the National Capital Goods Policy. Its plan for a three-fold increase of capital goods production to Rs 7.5 lac crore in ten years,from FY15 levels will require a huge amount of investment. As the

PNGRB puts off bidding for retail CNG licence in 11 cities

Oil regulator PNGRB has for the second time in as many months postponed opening of bidding for licence to retail CNG in 11 cities, including Chennai, Bhopal and Visakhapatnam, which are among the 20 cities named for the $7.5

retail licenses, petrol, petroleum and natural gas, PNGRB, petrol price, petrol excise duty, petrol price hike, diesel excise duty

An engine overhaul and an emergency fuel tank: How diesel-run cars switch to CNG

For a car to be converted from diesel to CNG, one can purchase a CNG retro-fit (RF) kit. In the open market, kits cost between Rs 26,000-32,000, depending on their Euro ratings.

Natural gas prices cut by 20%; CNG, cooking gas to cost less

CNG and piped cooking gas prices across the country will fall after natural gas rates were today cut by a steep 20 per cent, the third reduction in last one year.

natural gas

Mahanagar Gas Ltd looking at lower prices for late night CNG customers

Facing a serious demand crunch, Mahanagar Gas Ltd (MGL), the sole supplier of compressed natural gas (CNG) in the megapolis, today said it may bring in differential pricing of fuel for late night consumers.


Top 10 rule changes that went live on Jan 1, 2016: From PAN, LPG, to CNG, check out the impact 

On the first day of the new year, a slew of new rules, laws and regulations have come into effect that will have a powerful impact on how money is spent or saved.

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Long road for CNG pumps to come on highways

Private players in the energy sector would have to wait longer to set up compressed natural gas (CNG) retail outlets on highways, similar to the ones selling petrol and diesel.

CNG price cut by 80 paise/kg, PNG 70 paise/unit in Delhi

CNG price in the national capital was today cut by 80 paise per kg and piped cooking gas (PNG) by 70 paise per unit following an 18 per cent reduction in natural gas prices.


Gas price cut: CNG, piped cooking gas may become cheaper

PNG prices could reduce by Rs 2.1-2.3/scm, while CNG rates may fall ball Rs 2.8-3.0/kg, said India Ratings and Research (Ind-Ra) in a note.

CNG price

CNG-run vehicles emit dangerous nano carbon: CSIR study

The natural gas (CNG)-run buses are harmful for humans as they emit 'nano carbon' particles which can cause cancer, according to a study conducted by Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR).

CNG price

Regulator PNGRB not entitled to fix CNG, PNG prices: Supreme Court

The Supreme Court today held that Petroleum and Natural Gas Regulatory Board (PNGRB) was not entitled to determine the prices of compressed natural gas (CNG) and piped natural gas (PNG).

CNG price

SC dismisses PNGRB’s plea on fixing price of natural gas

The Supreme Court dismissed the appeal of PNGRB filed against the Delhi High Court decision by which the regulator's order of fixing the prices of CNG and PNG in Delhi and adjoining areas was quashed.

CNG price

CNG, piped cooking gas price hiked by 45 paise in NCR

After petrol and diesel, CNG and piped cooking gas prices were hiked by 45 paise per unit in the national capital region

CNG price

CNG, piped cooking gas rates cut in Delhi by 60 paise

A day after natural gas prices were cut by 8 per cent, CNG and piped cooking gas rates in the national capital region...

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Delhites to get cheaper CNG as Indraprastha Gas to cut price in NCR

Compressed natural gas (CNG) prices in the national capital region will be cut in line with the 8 per cent drop in the rates...

Indraprastha Gas shares continue to rise post Q1 results, should you buy?
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