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RBI gov Raghuram Rajan right on student education loans?

RBI Governor Raghuram Rajan has done well to caution students, at the Shiv Nadar University convocation last week, against taking on huge education loans—often from institutions which offer ‘useless degrees’

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A loan guarantee could harm your CIBIL Score

Guaranteeing a loan requires careful analysis before making the decision; you should not guarantee a loan just because a friend or acquaintance has asked you to do so.


CIBIL score: Top 5 tips for a newbie job holder 

CreditVidya Have you just joined a job and are thrilled about the fact that you are finally drawing a full salary? As empowering as it may seem to have your own money, this is the time to reign in your impulses. Inculcate goo

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Read your CIBIL report like a pro: Top 5 tips to know 

Most people might know about what a CIBIL score is and what its importance is, but do you know how to read your CIBIL report or how to interpret it?

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How to keep your CIBIL score of 750+: Top 5 points to know

In order to get a loan at competitive interest rates, it is mandatory to have a CIBIL score of 750 and above.

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Do credit cards and personal loans really help your credit score?

It pays to sort out old pending issues with the credit card company. Too many credit cards reflect credit hungry behavior.

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How your credit score can help this Eid to source a loan

A better than average CIBIL score can literally open doors for you; doors to opportunities where banks are willing to lend you and employers willing to hire you.


Your money: 4 top ways to boost CIBIL score 

You are no stranger to the fact that, it is essential for you to maintain a high CIBIL score to have access to loans when you need them.

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Debt trap: 5 quick-fix solutions that don’t work

When you are drowning in debt, you are likely to be desperate to find quick-fix solutions to stay afloat and retain your creditworthiness.

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How to get your credit score from CIBIL: 6 steps to financial relief 

While your paperwork may have been perfect, the one factor that could squash your dreams is a poor CIBIL score and report.

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Credit card salvation: 6 ways to make magic

Credit card tip: All your money decisions in public sphere can affect your CIBIL score? Make your life easier and your bank balance heavier with these 6 magic tricks

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Credit cards: 11 bank charges you probably missed

The lure of a credit card is hard to resist, especially when a sales representative from a bank or a retail outlet...

Using Credit Card EMIs? Keep These Things In Mind

Cibil score: 5 top questions you have to check out

While a good Cibil score is your ticket to easy access to loans, a bad Cibil score may even harm the prospects of you attaining your dream job!

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Wallet stolen? Here’s how you can get back on your feet

You go down to our local grocery store to pick up a packet of milk on your way back home from work, and when you dip your hand into your handbag you find your wallet missing!

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Busting 4 Cibil score myths

The internet is rife with articles about how important it is to maintain a Cibil score of over 750 (out of 900) in order to improve your chances of a speedy loan approval.

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Never get rejected for a loan – Here’s the mantra!

You may have worked hard for a number of days to put together money for the down payment...


Insurance, utility & telecom payments to decide Cibil score

Cibil has written to RBI, seeking approval to network with regulators Irda and Trai to enable the bureau collect data of telecom and insurance service provider customers

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