British Treasury warns leaving EU would cause recession

Analysis released by the Treasury argued that leaving would cause "an immediate and profound economic shock" to Britain and damage economic growth.

David Cameron warns Brexit would drive up food prices

British Prime Minister David Cameron warned voters on Sunday that they would face higher grocery bills if the country decides to leave the European Union at a June 23 referendum..

David Cameron

Majority of Indian-origin voters against ‘Brexit’: Study

Indian-origin voters are largely in favour of Britain remaining in the European Union (EU), with a significant chunk still undecided ahead of the June 23 referendum, which has been described as a knife-edge vote.


Brexit: House prices will plummet if Britain leaves EU, says UK Treasury

British house prices could fall by up to 18 percent if the country leaves the European Union, the Treasury says - a claim dismissed as scaremongering by campaigners for a U.K. exit from the bloc.

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British stars Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley back staying in European Union

"Sherlock" star Benedict Cumberbatch, Patrick Stewart, Bill Nighy, Oscar-winning director Danny Boyle and Keira Knightley are among leading stars who have appealed to the voters to back staying in the European Union.

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G7 informal meeting with academics warns of ‘Brexit’ risk

Participants of an informal symposium with Group of Seven finance leaders and academics on Friday agreed a so-called "Brexit" vote for Britain to exit the European Union at a referendum next month could lead to financial mark


On Brexit, British youth ask: What’s in it for me?

Gold fell on Wednesday as the dollar hit a three-week high after strong U.S. economic data and comments from Federal Reserve officials bolstered expectations that the central bank could soon hike interest rates.

Ethnic minorities could hold key to Britain’s EU vote: Survey

Britain's ethnic minorities could hold the key to deciding the outcome to the June 23 referendum on membership of the European Union, with non-white voters strongly in support of staying in the bloc, according to a survey.

France’s Nicolas Sarkozy says much of British criticism of EU justified

Former French president Nicolas Sarkozy said on Tuesday many of the faults Britain finds in the European Union are justified and the bloc will need a new treaty regardless of whether Britons vote next month to leave the EU or

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British Land, UK’s second-largest listed property developer’s asset value grows despite Brexit concerns

The looming threat of Britain potentially breaking away from the EU had done little to reduce occupier demand, especially in retail, British Land Chief Executive Chris Grigg said.

British Land

Ryanair CEO says Brexit could have a downward effect on air fares

The "extreme volatility" that would follow a British vote to leave the European Union could put downward pressure on air fares and lead Ryanair to move some of its investments out of Britain...

International firms overwhelmingly say Brexit would be bad-poll

A majority of international businesses from seven countries including Germany and China believe a British exit from the European Union would be bad for them and lead to a cut in investment...


Brexit: IMF warns EU exit risks London’s status as financial hub

A decision to exit would mean that Britain would need to negotiate the terms of its withdrawal and a new relationship with the EU


Brexit would be a shock for EU economies, says France’s Sapin

French finance minister Michel Sapin said A British vote to leave the European Union would represent a shock for European economies just as they are showing signs of recovery.

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Brexit: “Insecurity is fantastic,” says funder Hargreaves

Peter Hargreaves bankrolling the campaign to pull Britain out of the European Union agrees with opponents of Brexit that it will make the country more insecure, but he thinks that it is just what the United Kingdom needs.

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Brexit would cost financial firms $25 billion, study says

Leaving the European Union would cause a decade of uncertainty that could cost Britain's financial services an estimated 17 billion pounds ($25 billion) and make lawyers rich, a think-tank study said on Tuesday.

Drawing on history, David Cameron argues Britain is safer in EU

Britain needs the European Union to help fight Islamic State and rebuff a "newly belligerent" Russia, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Monday, making a "big, bold, patriotic case" for membership of the bloc.

Brexit: ‘India, US want UK to stay in EU to safeguard their interests’

India and the US want the UK to stay in the EU to "look after their interests", a top European Parliament member has said and underlined that Brexit would be a "seismic shock" for the bloc if it goes through.

Former UK PM John Major says relations with US would ‘wither’ after Brexit

Britain's close relationship with the United States would wither if voters opt to the leave the European Union in a June 23 referendum, Former Conservative Prime Minister John Major said on Friday.

Obama, as a friend, tells Britain: Don’t turn your back on the EU

Obama said Britain's closest ally wanted it to remain in the club it joined in 1973 to bolster trade and strengthen the 28-member bloc

Barack Obama

Brexit would ‘liberate’ people across EU: minister

A British vote to leave the European Union would "liberate" people across the continent by giving them the courage to demand change, a senior minister backing a so-called Brexit said.

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