Brexit: Leave camp 10 points ahead in ORB poll on Britain’s EU referendum

Britons will vote on June 23 on whether to leave the world's largest free trading area, a decision with far-reaching implications for politics, the economy, trade, defence and migration in Britain and the rest of the EU.

Column: Brexit would create uncertainty for Indian businesses

The idea that London would flourish post-Brexit goes against the warnings from US investment banks and the BoE

Britain, Brexit

Brexit would shut UK out of single market: Wolfgang Schaeuble

Schaeuble warned that a Brexit could spark contagion in the EU, according to excerpts of the interview due to appear in Der Spiegel's Saturday edition.

German finance minister says can’t rule out others quitting EU if Britain does-magazine

Schaeuble warned Britain it could suffer economic consequences if it quits the EU given that it is closely interlinked with partner countries, the magazine said.

Over 400,000 Britons sign up for EU vote after deadline extended

A total of 433,695 Britons applied to vote in the country's European Union referendum during a 48-hour extension period granted earlier this week after huge demand close to the original deadline overwhelmed the registration w


EU keeps us safer, UK says at Luxembourg ministers’ meeting

Britain's interior minister said on Friday that remaining in the European Union would keep the country safer, as she arrived at her last EU ministerial before a referendum on whether to leave the bloc.

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European equity funds on worst run since Feb 2008 as Brexit vote looms -BAML

Investors piled into bonds this week and racked up the longest stretch of European equity fund outflows in eight years as a wave of caution swept over markets ahead of Britain's EU referendum.

bank of america

Dollar enjoys reprieve as euro, sterling feel the heat

The dollar clung to modest gains early on Friday, having bounced off one-month lows as the euro took a heavy spill while sterling stayed under a cloud on jitters over the upcoming Brexit vote.

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Brexit: How will Britain’s EU referendum vote count work on the night?

Britain extended the voter registration period for the referendum to midnight on June 9 after a late surge in applications crashed a key website shortly before the original June 7 midnight deadline.

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Dutch to be hit hard by any Brexit: Official

The Netherlands will be hit hard if Britain leaves the EU, a Dutch government think tank warned today, predicting a possible 1.2-per cent fall in GDP by 2030.

“Effect of Brexit relatively severe” for Dutch economy – government forecaster

The CPB's analysis, which reviewed four other Brexit scenarios in the EU, provided the most negative outlook yet on the possible impact of a British exit for the Netherlands. The government and central bank have so far said t

Tony Blair and John Major to warn Brexit threatens unity of United Kingdom: BBC

Tony Blair and John Major will say on Thursday that a vote to leave the European Union on June 23 would jeopardise the unity of the United Kingdom by undermining the peace in Northern Ireland and stoking calls for Scottish in

London financial hub braces for possible European Union exit ‘nightmare’

Gina Miller needs to look no further than her own small investment firm to decide that leaving the European Union would be bad for Britain.

Britain, Brexit

WTO chief warns of Brexit risk to UK’s competitiveness

"While trade would continue, it could be on worse terms," Azevedo said of a vote to leave the EU.

Britain, Brexit

Brexit could scupper Swiss-EU immigration talks: Swiss govt

Switzerland's bid to persuade European Union partners to let it curb immigration from the EU could be doomed should Britons vote this month to leave the bloc, Foreign Minister Didier Burkhalter said.

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British support for remaining in the European Union narrowly ahead: polls

Britons narrowly favour remaining in the European Union according to two polls published in Tuesday's newspapers, in contrast to surveys released on Monday which showed the campaign for Brexit ahead.

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UK Brexit debate has echoes of 1975

It's a snapshot from another political era. Forty-one years ago, in Britain's last referendum on Europe, Margaret Thatcher hit the campaign trail clad in a woolly jumper emblazoned with a Union flag.

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Brexit and UK GDP: All you want to know

The threat of a possible Brexit— to be decided by a referendum on June 23—will have a detrimental effect on UK-EU relations, as well as the rest of the world.

Beijing’s silent prayer on Brexit vote: Better in than out

While some world leaders have trumpeted support for Britain to stay in the European Union in this month's referendum, China has kept a low profile. But with an important stake in the economic consequences, Beijing also quietl

Brexit, European Union, Britons, Norway, North Sea, Brussels, Britons, Beijing votebritain, European Union, DBS

Emirates airline chief worried about Brexit impact on EU economy

The head of Dubai-based airline Emirates expressed concerns on Friday about the impact on the rest of Europe if Britain votes to leave the European Union in a June 23 referendum.

Brexit, European Union, Britons, Norway, North Sea, Brussels, Britons, Beijing votebritain, European Union, DBS

OECD: Brexit, refugee crisis threaten world economic growth

The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development is increasingly pessimistic about the global economy and is warning that the "low-growth trap" will continue if governments don't change tack on spending and trade.

oecd on india growth

What UK can learn from Norway as it weighs life outside European Union

Ahead of a June 23 referendum on whether to quit the European Union, Britons are looking across the North Sea to Norway for clues on what life could be like outside the bloc.

Brexit, European Union, Britons, Norway, North Sea, Brussels, Britons, Beijing votebritain, European Union, DBS

London’s Labour Party mayor joins David Cameron against ‘Brexit’

London's new mayor has joined forces with Prime Minister David Cameron in the campaign to prevent a British exit from the European Union.


Brexit: UK minister Hugo Swire uses Narendra Modi’s words to make anti-exit case

One of Britain's senior Foreign Office ministers has used Prime Minister Narendra Modi's words to make his case against the UK leaving...

China says EU membership UK’s choice, but hopes for strong Europe

Beijing has long been worried about the implications of free trade-supporting Britain leaving the bloc and of any weakening of a grouping which it views as a vital counterbalance to the United States, diplomats say.

brexit, european union

Brexit a tail risk for India: DBS 

Brexit is a "tail risk" for India which is the third largest investor into the UK in terms of number of projects, Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) has said as Britain gears up for the crucial referendum next month.

Brexit, European Union, Britons, Norway, North Sea, Brussels, Britons, Beijing votebritain, European Union, DBS

Britain risks year-long recession if it votes for Brexit: FM George Osborne

Britain could sink into a year-long recession if it votes to leave the European Union, finance minister George Osborne said in his latest attempt to focus voters on the potential hit to the economy.

Britain, Brexit
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