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The Technological Indian book review: When tech meets history

Amid claims of ancient India’s lofty scientific achievements, a book explores the grounded reality of ‘philosophical’ Indians’ tryst with technology

Finding India in China: Hindi Chini

LET ME begin with this lesser-known realm of China, which lies west of the country’s magnificent coastal cities that we are achingly familiar with—away from the modern spires of Shanghai, the grand history of Beijing and

Becoming Steve Jobs: A Jobs well done

Becoming Steve Jobs, which talks about the life and times of the legendary entrepreneur, makes for a compelling read.

Super economies: The third angle

In just a year of the Modi government, Raghav Bahl predicts India to be a possible super economy of the future, but furnishes little evidence as support.

The Attacker’s Advantage: Going on the offensive

Companies prefer to stick to core competences, incremental gains and defensiveness. The alternative path is one of aggression, says Ram Charan in The Attacker’s Advantage.

Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo: Yahoo’s geek goddess

In Marissa Mayer and the Fight to Save Yahoo!, Nicholas Carlson gives a detailed account of the tech leader’s failures and achievements as the CEO of a company and culture that helped create the Internet as we know it.

The Shifts and the Shocks book review: Crisis management

There might not be unanimous acceptance of how Martin Wolf dissects the financial crisis, but the book certainly sparks off debate

The Tears of the Rajas book review: Out of the past

The Tears of the Rajas is a shocking peek into our colonial past, its meandering pages making you wonder at the British Empire’s ‘terrible imperial thirst’ for goodies of the east

Driven to Distraction at Work book review: Attention please

Driven To Distraction At Work identifies six ways people lose the ability to focus at work.

The Seasons of Trouble book review: Peace by piece

The Seasons of Trouble is a poignant reminder of the scars left behind by decades of conflict in war-ravaged Sri Lanka.

Inside Chhattisgarh book review: The state within

From poverty-stricken tribals to Naxalism, Inside Chhattisgarh touches upon all issues concerning the state, but ends up reading like a one-sided account.

Dream with Your Eyes Open: Front of the class

In these excerpts, author Ronnie Screwvala explains how UTV’s success had more to do with hard work than luck.

Restart book review: Reboot, by fits and starts

A much-needed rewrite of India’s economic history unfortunately takes the road paved with good intentions.

Granta 130 book review: Mystic country

The second Granta devoted to India celebrates an ‘eruption of literary non-fiction’, holding up a mirror to the sweeping changes—social, political and economic—in the country

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