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New BP target– the lower the better: The George Institute for Global Health

The lower BP achieved, the greater the reduction in heart attacks and strokes, finds study Hundreds of millions of people worldwide could benefit from more intensive treatment to lower blood pressure, according to new researc

Light walking can lower blood pressure in diabetics

A new study has revealed that a few minutes of physical activity can lower blood pressure for people with Type 2 diabetes.

Intensive blood pressure lowering cuts heart failure, death: Study

Lowering blood pressure below a commonly used target dramatically reduced heart failure and risk of death in adults aged 50 and older in a large US government-sponsored study, results that could lead to a change in treatment

Just one energy drink can up your blood pressure

Just one energy drink is enough to cause potentially harmful spikes in both stress hormone levels and blood pressure in young, healthy adults, according to a new study.

Alert: Location of house determines blood pressure

If you are living in a housing society where you need a vehicle to run errands, your chances of suffering from high blood pressure are quite high, says a new study.

High BP? Try cholesterol-lowering ‘portfolio diet’

If you have high blood pressure, you should opt for a diet developed for reducing cholesterol as a new study has revealed that 'portfolio diet' can lower it.

Adult high BP risk can be detected in childhood

As per a recent study, adult high blood pressure risk is identifiable in childhood...

Managing blood pressure can reduce cardiovascular disease deaths in older adults

A new study has revealed that blood pressure management can reduce heart disease death.

High blood pressure: Study backs more aggressive treatment to cut heart disease

A major new U.S. study shows treating high blood pressure more aggressively than usual cuts the risk of heart disease and death in people over age 50.

Treat high blood pressure aggressively, urges ‘lifesaving’ study

A recent study has backed the need of more aggressive treatment for high blood pressure.

What’s killing us? Poor diet, high blood pressure top risk factors

A new study has revealed that poor diet and high blood pressure (BP) are now number-one risk factors for death

‘Afternoon naps’ may lower blood pressure level

It's time to start taking midday naps as a new study has revealed that it can lower blood pressure levels and decrease the number of required anti-hypertensive medications.

New method produces flavourful, antioxidant-rich chocolate

Researchers have found a way to make chocolate more flavourful and nutritious with greater levels of antioxidants.

New method produces flavourful, antioxidant-rich chocolate

Strong link found between adolescent obesity and high blood pressure

The association of BMI to blood pressure was more pronounced in females than males

Patient’s ethnic heritage determines best drug for Blood Pressure?

Scientists led by an Indian-origin researcher are investigating whether treatment for high blood pressure can be improved by taking a person’s ethnic heritage into account. A wide variety of drugs are available for the

Patient’s ethnic heritage determines best drug for Blood Pressure?
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