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Mukesh Ambani nears $100-bn wealth club as RIL shares top Rs 2400; check world’s richest billionaires

RIL chairman Mukesh Ambani’s net worth has soared to $92.6 billion, making him the 12th richest person in the world, behind the likes of Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and others

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Mukesh Ambani, with Bill Gates, others to invest $141 mln in US new energy storage firm; mulls battery-making

Mukesh Ambani’s Reliance New Energy Solar Ltd will invest $50 million in Ambri Inc, a renewable energy storage company in the United States.

Emails sent to RIL, CFM ARC and Bank of Baroda remained unanswered till the time of going to press.

Warren Buffett Resigns: 30 हजार करोड़ रुपये का दान और गेट्स फाउंडेशन से इस्तीफे का एलान, ये वॉरेन बफेट का अंदाज़ है!

दुनिया के सबसे सफल निवेशकों में शामिल वॉरेन बफेट साल 2006 में ही अपनी 99 फीसदी दौलत दान करन

भारतवंशी सत्या नडेला की तरक्की, CEO के बाद अब Microsoft के चेयरमैन बने

नडेला के नेतृत्व में माइक्रोसॉफ्ट ने LinkedIn, Nuance Communications and ZeniMax जैसी बड़ी कंपनियों का अधिग्रहण

27 years together: Here’s what Bill and Melinda Gates did for the world and what happens to their charitable foundation after divorce

Bill and Melinda had met at Microsoft in 1987 after she joined the firm, and the two had decided to get married in 1994.

Bill Gates and Melinda Gates announce divorce after 27 years of marriage, ask for ‘space and privacy’

Bill Gates was formerly the world's richest person and his fortune is estimated at well over USD100 billion. How the couple end up settling their estate and any impact on the foundation will be closely watched.

Bill Gates, Melinda Gates, Microsoft

Bill Gates reveals why he prefers Android over iPhone on Clubhouse

He had shared his preference in the past, but recently spoke about the reason.

microsoft co-founder bill gates

The pandemic is a world war in terms of scales because countries have seen their economies devastated: Bill Gates

Bill Gates says the world will not be ready to face another pandemic for at least another five years.

bill gates

Bill Gates says Microsoft-TikTok deal a ‘poison chalice’; calls ban on short video app ‘bizarre’

Microsoft's Bill Gates is not wary of the company getting into the social media business with TikTok, if the deal goes through, and competing with the likes of Facebook.

COVID-19 वैक्सीन पर बिल गेट्स ने बताई भारतीय फार्मा कंपनियों की क्षमता

बिल गेट्स ने कहा कि भारत के पास बहुत अधिक क्षमता है.

Bill Gates disappointed by ‘lack of US leadership’ to fight Covid; says nations like India bearing brunt

Microsoft's Bill Gates said that he is hoping that the US will ‘step up’ and help get the tools, particularly the Covid vaccine, to people.

Bill Gates behind Covid-19’s origin? Theories linking Microsoft co-founder to virus flood social media

Over 16,000 Facebook posts around Gates and Coronavirus were liked and commented on close to 9 lakh times this year while videos around it were shared millions of times.

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board, here is the reason

Bill Gates is ‘wasting’ billions of dollars amid Coronavirus outbreak; says it is worth it

Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, who recently stepped down from the company’s board, said testing and building the manufacturing capacity of factories simultaneously is important to develop the Covid-19 medicine.

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board, here is the reason

बिल गेट्स ने माइक्रोसॉफ्ट के बोर्ड को कहा अलविदा, वॉरेन बफे की कंपनी का भी छोड़ा साथ

65 वर्षीय गेट्स ने एक दशक से अधिक पहले से कंपनी के रोजाना के कामकाज से दूरी बना ली थी.

Bill Gates steps down from Microsoft board, here is the reason

बिल गेट्स की पहली इले​क्ट्रिक कार Porsche Taycan, सिर्फ 2.6 सेकंड में पकड़ सकती है 0-60 mph की स्पीड

इसे कंपनी ने सितंबर 2019 में टेस्ला की इलेक्ट्रिक कारों के मुकाबले में उतारा था.

Billionaire Bill gates bought first electric car porsche taycan, know price, power, range, speed and features

Bill Gates: Chickens, not computers, can solve poverty

Want to end extreme poverty? Technology hyper-billionaire Bill Gates says the answer is chickens. And that's not the name of new Microsoft software.

Four reasons why Africa, Bill Gates and Barack Obama want to end malaria

Bill and Melinda Gate's goal of permanently ending transmission of the disease between humans and mosquitoes is more ambitious than the Sustainable Development Goal of ending epidemic levels of malaria by 2030.

Bill Gates says US needs limits on covert email searches

Bill Gates said on Monday that no one was an "absolutist" on either side of the digital privacy debate, but the co-founder of Microsoft Corp said he supports his company's lawsuit against the U.S. government seeking the freed

Bill Gates richest man in world, Mukesh Ambani at 36th: Forbes

Microsoft's co-founder Bill Gates continued his reign as the world's richest person with a net worth of USD 75 billion, according to Forbes' annual ranking of billionaires, with Reliance Industries Chairman Mukesh Ambani lead

India will lead the world in digital financial inclusion: Bill Gates

Microsoft founder Bill Gates on Friday said in a couple of years India will lead the way in digital financial inclusion. Speaking at a panel discussion on Transforming India through digital financial inclusion, Gates, in asso

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