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Apple’s India App Store offering ‘20% bonus’ when you add funds to your Apple ID; Check details

Apple has also notified in the terms and conditions that the non-transferrable bonuses have no cash value and cannot be shared with family or friends.

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Apple’s in-app payments system hits antitrust roadblock in India, says report

Last year, EU regulators began a probe into Apple charging a 30-per cent in-app fee to distribute paid digital content.

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Rare Apple II manual inscribed and signed by Steve Jobs sells at auction for nearly Rs 6 crore

RR Auction also sold some other Jobs-related items, including a signed letter where he had written: “I’m afraid I don’t sign autographs” for $4,79,939 (approx. Rs 3.56 crore).

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Early days, but Apple Pay struggles outside US

More than 18 months after Apple Pay took the United States by storm, the smartphone giant has made only a small dent in the global payments market, snagged by technical challenges, low consumer take-up and resistance from ban

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Google payment service Android Pay expands to UK

Google's mobile payment service, Android Pay, is coming to the U.K., marking its first expansion outside the U.S.

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Wells Fargo, Bank of America look to integrate Apple Pay into ATMs

Wells Fargo & Co and Bank of America Corp are working to integrate mobile payment system Apple Pay into their ATMs, technology news website TechCrunch reported.

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Apple Pay expands as it vies for broader acceptance

Apple's year-old mobile-payments service is expanding to more countries, banks and merchants, as it faces growing competition and some challenges before it becomes as commonplace as plastic cards.

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Apple Pay growth slows a year after launch: Research

Among Apple Pay users, 86 per cent have linked their credit cards to make a purchase, 49 per cent consumers use their debit cards and 22 per cent use different types of prepaid cards, the report showed.

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Rite Aid stores no longer shun Apple Pay

Rite Aid stores will start accepting Apple's mobile payment system, Apple Pay, later this month after initially shunning the service in favor of a rival system.

Apple Pay launches in Britain as hold-out Barclays signs up

Apple introduced its mobile payments service to Britain on Tuesday as Barclays confirmed its participation in the U.S. tech giant's move to capitalise on the increasing number of consumers who are comfortable making tap-and-g

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Apple Inc. faces local battles as its prepares global payments push

Apple inc has made mobile payments look easy, after a decade of mostly failed experiments by banks, telecom operators and retailers...

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Payments @ FaceBook

Bundling payments with Messenger makes sense for Facebook, given its mammoth network

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