1. Explosion in New York: Suspect identified as Akayed Ullah, pipe bombing related to terror attack

Explosion in New York: Suspect identified as Akayed Ullah, pipe bombing related to terror attack

New York police today said that they were investigating an explosion of "unknown origin" in Manhattan, and that people were being evacuated.

By: | New Delhi | Updated: December 11, 2017 10:53 PM
Bomb Blast at Manhattan. (Twitter)New York police today said that they were investigating an explosion of “unknown origin” in Manhattan, and that people were being evacuated. “The NYPD is responding to reports of an explosion of unknown origin at 42nd Street and 8th Ave, #Manhattan. The A, C and E line are being evacuated at this time. Info is preliminary, more when available,” the New York police department wrote on their Twitter account. New York emergency authorities were responding to reports of an explosion at New York’s Port Authority, one of the city’s busiest commuter hubs, during Monday morning’s rush hour. Local news channel WABC cited police sources as saying a possible pipe bomb detonated in a passageway below ground at Port Authority. Media reported several people were injured, and WPIX television reported, citing sources, that a man with a “possible second device” has been detained in the subway tunnel. The New York Police Department said in its official Twitter feed that there was an explosion of unknown origin and that some subway train lines were being evacuated.

Here are the Updates:

10:50 pm: Suspect identified as Akayed Ullah is a Bangladeshi with ISIS ties, as per the NYPD.

10: 10 pm: Mayor Bill de Blasio on Times Square subway bombing: “Thank God the perpetrator did not achieve his ultimate goals.”

8: 46 pm: The incident was frightening and disturbing. It was a low tech device. Situation was handled extraordinarily well. A sweep is being done. The service at the subway is being restored: Andrew Mark Cuomo, New York Governor on New York subway pipe bombing

8: 39 pm: New York City explosion suspect ID’d as Akayed Ullah, 27, officials say. “This male was wearing an improvised low-tech explosive device attached to his body. He intentionally detonated that device,”says NYPD.

8: 21 pm: The New York City police commissioner calls the subway pipe-bombing a “terror-related incident”

7: 55 pm: Four hurt in New York explosion, none life-threatening, reports AFP.

7: 42 pm: It is a chaos at the site of the attack.


7: 37 pm: Authorities are on scene. They think this was an isolated incident. There is at least one injury, which may well be the bomber, who is in custody.”

7: 34 pm: Preliminary information, according to two law enforcement sources, one local and one federal, indicates a pipe bomb may have unintentionally exploded. The person in custody appears to be injured, according to the federal law enforcement source. Another New York police source says a man in custody may have set off a device, injuring himself.

7: 27 pm: Traffic update regarding incident at 42nd St and 8th Ave: No cars allowed to exit FDR Drive from 59st to 42nd St., — 45th to 40th St., 7th to 9th Ave remains closed.

7: 23 pm: Passengers were evacuated as a precaution from the subway line where the explosion happened, near 40th Street and Eighth Avenue.

7: 22 pm: WATCH:

7: 21 pm:

Police respond to a report of an explosion near Times Square. (AP)

7: 17 pm: Subway services through the Times Square has been restricted for public use.

7: 15 pm: The explosion happened around 7:30 a.m. Monday.

7: 10 pm: Law enforcement official said that man had explosive device strapped on when it exploded in New York City subway: AP.

7: 09 pm: US President Donald Trump has been briefed on the explosion in New York City: Sarah Sanders, White House, Press Secretary.

7: 02 pm: One person is in custody, according to two NYPD sources, after what appears to be some type of pipe bomb explosion in New York City

6: 58 pm: New York Police is at the scene.

6: 55 pm: WATCH:

6: 50 pm: Possible pipe bomb detonated in a passageway below ground at Port Authority. One person is in custody. There are a few injuries. Police have obtained video and are confident it is contained: ABC News

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