1. Donald Trump’s rise is death knell for Republican establishment: Bobby Jindal

Donald Trump’s rise is death knell for Republican establishment: Bobby Jindal

The emergence of real estate tycoon Donald Trump as Republican presidential nominee sounded the death-knell for the party establishment, Indian-American former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has said.

By: | Washington | Published: March 17, 2016 9:41 AM

The emergence of real estate tycoon Donald Trump as Republican presidential nominee sounded the death-knell for the party establishment, Indian-American former Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal has said.

“The GOP establishment is done for. This race shows that,” Jindal told MSNBC’s “Meet the Press” yesterday.

The 44-year-old was one of the 17 Republicans in the race to the White House, but dropped out as he was unable to gain any support.

“Voters are angry and frustrated and, in some part, the Republican Party deserves some of that frustration. Donald Trump should serve as a wake-up call,” Jindal said.

A brokered convention to prevent Trump from becoming the presidential nominee would only further discredit party leadership, said Jindal, who has been one of the billionaire’s most vocal critics.

“When huge chunks of your base are telling you something, you have to listen to them. Let’s let the voters speak,” he said and opposed the idea of a ‘brokered convention’.

“It (brokered convention) makes for a great fiction novel. The reality is, you can do the math. He has done very, very well. It is exactly what is wrong with the GOP establishment and it is ignoring the will of the voters,” he said.

Jindal, whose popularity came down crashing after he took on Trump in the early phase of the presidential campaign, said that he would support the frontrunner in the race to the White House against Democratic party’s Hillary Clinton.

“If it comes down to Donald Trump and (Democratic presidential frontrunner) Hillary Clinton, I would certainly support Donald Trump as the Republican nominee,” he said.

“I didn’t wake this morning a big fan of Donald Trump. I hope it’s not him (as) he is not my favourite. I think Donald Trump is wrong on a whole host of issues,” Jindal said.

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  1. David Francis
    Mar 17, 2016 at 8:29 pm
    I came on board the political Pirate ship, but only to vote for Donald Trump and not for corporate welfare or sing the praises of an extreme Socialist Bernie Sanders or even serving on a silver platter a Hillary Clinton win. I have no use for the lawmakers that sell their vote to the highest bidder in Washington. My colleagues, who normally don't bother to vote, have come out the shadows to vote for the New York CEO Trump. I want nothing to do with John Kasick, who cannot hide the fact he voted for the NAFTA (Mexican deal) that has slowly disintegrated our Auto industry, by sending our jobs across the border. John Kasick on other red flag issues stated it's a silly argument to ship 11M illegal aliens back to Mexico. (Nov 2015) Another of his focuses on immigration should be to keep families together. (Sep 2015) While Cruz has a good history on stopping illegal immigration, so he would be a good contender as Presidential nominee, but like Kasick he has no choice but to take money from Special Interests, which eventually want a return on their loans. Cruz only suious act was defending a Chinese company, for stealing intellectual property, but voted to end the import Export bank, which is definitely corporate welfare. Cruz additionally, has led the fight to defeat the Reid-Schumer amnesty bill. (Feb 2016). I don't want something from Obama, Sanders or Clinton's Grab bag of something for nothing? ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION IS A VIOLATION OF THE LAW, AND PANDERING BY EITHER THE DEMOCRATS OR THE GOP ELITE CL FOR CHEAP LABOR OR ILLEGAL VOTING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED ANYMORE. THE THEFT OF JOBS BY BUSINESSES HIRING MILLIONS OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS WILL BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE. NO JOBS, THEN SELF REPATRIATION WILL BEGIN. RAIDS AND AUDITING BY ICE WILL BE PUNISHABLE WITH SEVERE PENALTIES. OUR SCHOOLS ARE INUNDATED CRAMMED FULL WITH ILLEGAL ALIEN CHILDREN; HUGE AMOUNTS OF MONEY MUST BE SPENT ON PUBLIC ISTANCE PROGRAMS. I AM TOLD ITS WELL OVER $150 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR AND CLIMBING. The lucrative gravy train is coming to an end for both political parties, and please don't tell me the Democrats receive no money from Special Interest. For instance Hillary Clinton collected a sizable amount of dollars from billionaire Gorge Soros, an entrenched hard-liner Socialist. In years past, there was no way to unearth the facts about any politician other than by the telephone or the written word. But the hard facts can be dredged up today, revealing their true objectives. For me my top issue is President Donald Trump building a giant wall, and deploying more US Border Patrol agents. The 1000 mile border wall may not hold at bay all the drugs that cross daily over the Southern border, but it will have a substantial impact. I have seen friends and relatives sucb to drugs and it's not a pretty site. My cousin was addicted to METH, but he is well on the way to recovery. Old colleagues who saw action in Viet-Nam, normally exempt themselves from voting, but currently have a positive view of having a businessman in the Oval office. My black friend who lives in the house opposite to me, I managed to persuade in voting for the Manhattan billionaire. His sister demise was caused by toxic poisons from across the border and this is one of the reasons. All the issues that are dragging down our sovereign nation can be resolved. Perhaps even seeing Ted Cruz as Vice President, as he has a healthy atude for similar policies as Donald Trump. I am very aware of all the current problems, which threaten our country such as the huge slew of jobs disappearing overseas and to Mexico. Mega companies with prominent names as Ford, Carrier and hundreds of thousands of jobs lost to our manufacturing base. Yet this is just the tip of the iceberg, as companies at home are subsuting American workers with an ortment of foreign skilled workers, which is another corporate welfare program. Trump supporter are closely watching the GOP establishment and the rumor of a plan to stop Donald Trump in some concocted sideshow at a rigged delegate convention to prevent the man form gaining the Presidency. Trying any kind of 'sleight of the hand' will be a very dangerous agenda, if Trump gets either the 1237 delegates or a near miss, and thinks 'WE THE PEOPLE' are going to stand back and do nothing. The rioting idea is not in the advocate's minds, but millions walking away from the election, including my 20 people is an absolute necessarily to show that America comes first and not Special interest and wealthy donors. Its not hard to imagine if Donald Trump is eliminated from being the nominee for President, and replaced with John Kasich, Mitt Romney Lindsey Graham of any of the GOP Professionals, then without hesitating the 'Silent Majority' and millions of more will walk away and comprehending for sure the w election system is rigged. Then I am afraid that Hillary Clinton if not indicted for violations of the National Security Act, will inherit the high office.

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