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Unseen letters of Mahatma Gandhi

Jan 31 2013 00:00 IST
A collection of letters from Mahatma Gandhi, to his 'friend' Hermann Kallenbach in South Africa, generated speculation on the nature of their relationship, while providing fresh insight on Gandhi's initial time in South Africa. In one of the letters, Gandhi has addressed Kallenbach as 'My Dear Lower House' and signed off as 'Yours Sinly, Upper House' that aroused queries about the proximity of his relationship with the German-born Kallenbach. However, historian Gurpreet Maini dismissed any such notion and termed the friendship between Gandhi and Kallenbach as 'platonic'. The letters, papers and photographs that shed new light on Mahatma Gandhi and his time in South Africa are on display at the National Archives in New Delhi, after they were auctioned in London.