SURVEY: Poll: If general elections were to be held today, whom will you vote for?

1. Who is best suited for the post of Prime Minister of India?
(a)      Rahul Gandhi
(b)      Narendra Modi
(c)      Sonia Gandhi
(d)      LK Advani
(e)      Rajnath Singh
(f)      Manmohan Singh
(g)      Nitin Gadkari
(h)      Sushma Swaraj
(i)      Nitin Kumar
2. Will NDA allies accept Narendra Modi as PM candidate?
(a)      Yes
(b)      No
(c)      Can't Say
3. In a straight race, whose allies do you think are better?
(a)      NDA (JDU, Shiv Sena, SAD, TRS, AGP, NPF, JMM, HJC, Janta Party)
(b)      UPA (DMK, NCP, IUML, NC, KC, VCK, RLD, SDF, AIUDF - outside support by SP and BSP, RJD)
(c)      Neither
(d)      Can't Say
4. In a straight race between civil society stalwarts and other political parties, whom will you vote for?
(a)      Arvind Kejriwal
(b)      Baba Ramdev
(c)      Anna Hazare's candidate (since he says he will never join politics)
(d)      Kiran Bedi
(e)      Narendra Modi
(f)      Rahul Gandhi