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From Markets About a year ago

Private sector output contracts for first time since 2009: HSBC

First contraction in business activity across the sector since April 2009.
From Corporate Impact 5 months ago

Shaken confidence across EMs rubs off on rupee, drags it to 9-week low

The rout in emerging market currencies over the past one week has brought to fore how vulnerable EM countries are even now to the rollback of US Federal Reserve’s stimulus
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

A boost to the insurance industry, bill offers a lot of flexibility to Irda

The finance minister’s announcement that the insurance bill will be considered in this session is a great boost to the insurance industry. It will empower Irda to introduce forward looking regulation to promote sustainable growth of the industry.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

Cement industry has been burdened with duties, making it cost more

From the perspective of the cement industry, the Budget has been quite a disappointment. The disappointment gets compounded because finance minister Pranab Mukherjee in his speech had mentioned relief to the industry by changing the basis of levying excise duty.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

No big bang, but gradual approach

In the run-up to Budget 2011, people had drawn parallels between Manmohan Singh's budget of 1991 and Pranab Mukherjee. Then you had a politician prime minister and a technocrat finance minister.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

Tougher times ahead for aam aadmi

On the face of it, the Budget doesn’t seem to have any major tax and other implications. But on close scrutiny, it reveals that the aam aadmi will have tougher times ahead as there are no significant relaxations for him...
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

A development-oriented, comprehensive Budget

The finance minister has been ambidextrous in addressing the development issues in a comprehensive manner while keeping fiscal deficit under control. This Budget has absolute clarity in all-round infrastructure development of the country.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

Raising the FII investment cap on infra bonds is the best

I thank the finance minister for giving due importance to the second largest employment generating sector of the Indian economy—the real estate sector. For the real estate and infrastructure sectors, there are at least six major influencers.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

A positive, growth-oriented Budget for the aam aadmi

This year’s Budget is, on the whole, a positive growth-oriented plan for industry as well as for the aam aadmi, over 7,000 of whom work with us at VLCC.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

Continuing the fiscal stimulus was unexpected

The Union Budget set for itself the priorities of maintaining high growth, inclusion and improving delivery mechanisms while dealing with supply-side bottlenecks and fiscal consolidation that have led to inflation.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

The Budget does make the govt’s balance sheet look stronger, but there’s a long way to go

The finance minister had multiple trade-offs when formulating the Union Budget. He could have rolled back on the fiscal stimulus. This would have meant raising tax rates and cutting expenditure. At the same time, there was the objective of growth, which was hinted at by the Economic Survey.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

A fiscally positive and socially inclusive Budget

The most encouraging announcements in the Union Budget were that the fiscal deficit would be lower at 4.6% and that the net borrowings of the government would reduce in the next year and continue falling with every passing year.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

The FM has been able to strike a good balance

This year’s Union Budget has come at a time when the global economy is gradually recovering from the economic and financial crisis.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

Thrust on infrastructure, manufacturing will help steel demand to grow

The Budget is firmly growth-oriented and has various positives for the steel industry. The government's continued thrust on development of infrastructure and manufacturing will help steel demand in the country to grow.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

Budget balanced, non-disruptive

I rate the Union Budget FY12 as a balanced Budget and a Budget that is non-disruptive. The FM is continuing with the policies of the government since it came to power, keeping the focus on growth and inclusiveness.
From Corporate Impact 3 years ago

We’ve been good with outlays, but terrible with outcomes

It is often said that ‘No news is good news’. Extending that logic, ‘No bad news is great news’! That’s the sense one got listening to Pranab babu’s Budget speech.