Now, this is serious off-roading

fe Bureau Posted online: Saturday, Jul 05, 2014 at 0000 hrs
Last week we got an invite from the all-terrain vehicle (ATV) player Polaris to visit their new experience zone at Dharuhera near Gurgaon. Now, in India, the concept of ATVs or dedicated off-roaders is still new. And that’s the reason why Polaris India, along with selling its vehicles in the country, is focusing on giving a proper off-roading experience to the enthusiasts. Called the Polaris Experience Zone (PEZ), this dedicated off-road track is one of the 22 the company has established across the country. Another reason why it makes sense to enjoy an off-roading experience at a PEZ is, in fact, regulatory—as of now, ATVs and similar off-road vehicles are not road-legal in India. A PEZ can also be a good alternative to Go Karting, which, to some, has become a little dull now.