New app measures how addicted you are to your phone

PTI Posted online: Thursday, May 15, 2014 at 0000 hrs
Washington : An Indian couple has developed a new app to curb smartphone addiction which calculates the amount of time users spend on their phones and reminds them to take breaks.

The BreakFree app measures how long you spend using apps, how often you unlock your phone and how much time you spend making phone calls.

It calculates an "addiction score" based on these metrics, 'Mashable' reported. Also, if you are using a particular app for long or making too many calls or have used the phone for over an hour, the app will notify you to slow down.

The app was developed by Mrigaen Kapadia and his wife Nupur Kapadia who co-founded a company, Mobifolio. The app also provides users with phone management tools such as disabling the internet, rejecting phone calls and sending auto text messages.

For young smartphone users, BreakFree can be used as a parental control device. By installing it on the child's smartphone parents can monitor their phone usage, internet hours etc.