China, India among countries on US piracy, patents blacklist

Reuters Posted online: Wednesday, Apr 30, 2014 at 0000 hrs
Washington : The United States on Wednesday named China and India among countries on its blacklist of countries failing to properly protect US copyrights and patents but kept their status unchanged from the previous review.

The US Trade Representative did not designate any countries a "priority foreign country," the worst label in its annual scorecard on how well countries protect U.S. patents, copyrights and other intellectual property rights.

US businesses had wanted India named the worst offender this year, a path which could have led to trade sanctions. The USTR said it would try to resolve ongoing concerns through bilateral engagement with the country, which is in the midst of elections.

"The United States will redouble its efforts to seek opportunities for meaningful, sustained, and effective engagement on IP-related matters with the new government," the report said.

In China, the USTR said it had "significant concerns" about the theft of trade secrets and urged the government to take steps to stop Chinese companies taking advantage of overseas competitors.

The USTR said no action would be taken against Ukraine, which was named a "priority foreign country" last year, despite ongoing concerns about copyright, due to the current political situation.

The USTR also removed Italy from the intellectual property black list altogether after the country took new steps to combat copyright piracy over the Internet.