Indians ranks 3rd in getting best value hotel rates domestically

FE Online Posted online: Friday, Apr 11, 2014 at 0000 hrs
Mumbai : As per the latest Hotel Price Index (HPI) report by, at` 5,254 a night Indian travellers stood third in terms of getting the best value hotel room rates domestically in 2013. Travellers from Thailand took the first place at` 5,160 a night followed by travellers from Malaysia in the second place at ` 5,198 a night.

The Hotel Price Index is a report on hotel prices in major destinations across the world. The latest edition also reveals that Swiss travellers paid the most on hotel rooms at home averaging` 12,400 a night. Travellers from Norway came in second at` 10,834 and Singapore third at' 10,722 a night domestically.

When it comes to spending on hotel rooms abroad, Indian travellers were listed in the middle of the most generous travellers with average payments of` 8,751 a night. Travellers from Switzerland once again paid the most when travelling outside their borders with an average of` 10,642 per night. The Argentineans came in second at` 10,532 a night making them the highest paying Latin American nation. Travellers from the US stood third at` 10,083 a night.

Travellers from Malaysia were the savviest nation with an average spend of` 7,526, followed closely by the Taiwanese on` 7,621 and the Dutch as the lowest paying Europeans` 7,908.

Of the 32 countries analysed, 24 paid more abroad than at home with some having a significant gap between the two sums. The Argentineans spent` 4,185 a night more on average when travelling abroad, followed closely by the Thais on` 3,575 and the Indians on` 3,497 as well as the Chinese on` 3,408.

Only seven nations paid more at home than away with travellers from Singapore once again with the greatest difference, spending` 2,423 more domestically than abroad. The Swiss followed with a` 1,758 variation and the Norwegians with` 751.