25.60 lakh people requested for Mobile Number Portability in Jan 2014: TRAI

fe Bureau Posted online: Wednesday, Mar 19, 2014 at 0000 hrs
Mumbai : Mobile Number Portability (MNP) requests have increased from 10.94 crore subscribers at the end of December 2013 to 11.20 crore at the end of January 2014, registering a growth of 2.35%, the latest data from Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has revealed.

In the month of January 2014 alone 25.60 lakh requests have been made for MNP, TRAI data said.

"In MNP Zone-I (Northern & Western India) maximum number of requests have been received in Rajasthan (about 1.13 crore) followed by Gujarat (about 96.5 lakhs) whereas in MNP Zone-II (Southern & Eastern) maximum number of requests have been received in Karnataka (about 1.28 crore) followed by Andhra Pradesh Service area (about 1.03 crore),” the report added.

A copy of the TRAI document has been reviewed by FE.

During January 2014, the active wireless subscribers of Peak VLR (Visitor Locator Register) stood at 86.49% of the total subscribers at 77.27 crore, it added.

A visitor location register (VLR) is a database that contains information about the subscribers roaming within a mobile switching center’s (MSC) location area. It is an indicator of active wireless subscribers of a mobile network.

According to the data, Idea leads the tally in VLR with 101.79%, followed by Bharti Airtel at 96.16% and Vodafone at 95.70%. Meanwhile, Loop has the lowest proportion of VLR with 48.85%.

Circle-wise, West Bengal has the highest proportion of VLR subscribers with 92.91% followed by Maharashtra (92.19%) and Assam (90.40%). Tamil Nadu (incl. Chennai) has the lowest VLR proportion with 75.82%.

Meanwhile, the wireless subscriber base across GSM, CDMA and FWP platforms have increased from 88.63 crore in December, 2013, to 89.33 crore at the end of January, 2014, registering a monthly growth of 0.79%.

While the number of urban wireless subscribers increased from 52.67 crore to 52.93 crore during the same period, the number of rural subscribers base increased from 35.97 crore to 36.40 crore, TRAI data said.

The urban wireless Tele-density has increased from 138.94 to 139.42 and rural Tele-density has increased from 41.95 to 42.43 during the same period.

At the end of January 2014, private operators held 89.01% of the wireless subscriber market share where as BSNL and MTNL, the two PSU operators held only 10.99% market share, the TRAI document stated.

Among the private operators, Bharti Airtel had 22.48% of the market share, while Vodafone had 18.16% of the market share followed by Idea and Reliance at 14.58% and 13.17 % respectively, during the above mentioned period.

The market leaders Bharti Airtel added 24, 33,218 new subscribers while Vodafone added 17, 80, 333 subscribers, and Idea reached out to 15, 32, 661 new subscribers, during January 2014. Aircel and Reliance meanwhile added 15, 32, 241 and 4, 06, 359 new subscribers respectively during the same period.