Salman Khan eyes top 'Jai Ho' collections, even as Eros International pays up Rs 110 crore

Screen Correspondent Posted online: Friday, Jan 03, 2014 at 0000 hrs
Mumbai : Salman Khan has done something different. For his latest film, 'Jai Ho' he has retained the distribution rights in not one but three circuits.

When you are sure about your product, you try to retain a certain share of the earnings for yourself. This has been a trend in the industry for long. Earlier it used to be keeping the overseas rights of a movie or getting a share in the film. But, Salman Khan has done things differently and succeeded and that has pushed him further onward.

According to a source related to the project, “Salim Khan who is also into distribution business, decided to keep three circuits of the film, while the film has been sold to Eros International for an astronomical price. The circuits are Central Province, Central India and Rajasthan.”

Not many are aware that reportedly this humongous figure of Rs 110 crore at which Eros has bought the film does not include satellite rights, a segment that forms the second highest stream of revenue for the industry. Khan had earlier already signed a deal of Rs 500 crore with Star for satellite rights of all his movies.