Two sectors to watch for in 2014; NSE Nifty looks bullish enough for 7,000-pt mark

Posted online: Saturday, Dec 28, 2013 at 0000 hrs
New Delhi : 2014 will be good for emerging markets (EM) simply because economic growth there is about four times faster than in developed countries.

Markets Top Gainers, Markets Top Losers

While 2013 was the year of IT, Pharma, FMCG and Auto sectors, others like PSU, Capital Goods, which were hit in 2013, could be the best sectors to stay in year 2014 in fact 2014 can be the best year for these two sectors.

Facing challenges of crashing rupee, corporate scams, bad political scenario, and high inflation challenges in 2013 Nifty is still trading near its all-time high levels, strengthening the market and is looking very bullish for the coming year also and it also reflects that all the bad news is already discounted in the markets.

Buying a new car? Check price

Investors need to select those scripts which were bitten down due to bad news, but are now trading at very attractive valuations; these stocks can be multi-baggers for the new year.

Also, NSE Nifty should sustain in the new higher ranges which have not been seen before and even a level of 7,000 can be expected.

By Rohit Gadia, CEO, CapitalVia Global Research Limited

NOTE: The views are those of the author.