Launch: Now, don't smart, this speaker costs just Rs 1 crore

Tech Desk Posted online: Friday, Dec 20, 2013 at 0000 hrs
New Delhi : If you are in the market for luxury audio systems for your home, then price is unlikely to be a barrier. Smart Group, which provides home automation solutions, has launched Everest DD66000 speakers for this market. Made by JBL, this premium speaker system costs Rs 1 crore.

What's new: Smart Group says the speaker system can handle all genres of music and is targeted at audiophiles. The company claims that these speakers have “authoritative bass, a pure, detailed midrange and open, extended high-frequency response beyond 50kHz”. The speakers are supposed to be able to reproduce the “sonic environment present on the original recording”.

What else is there: The system is available in various finishes such as “rosewood, cherry and ebony with gray removable grille cloth, and maple with a light gray grille cloth”. The price of the system varies between Rs 99 lakh and Rs 1 crore depending on the finish. These speakers have the 1501AL 380mm (15-inch) woofer for solid bass reproduction.