Google Nexus 5 review for dummies: 5 reasons why I bought the Android flagship (and said bye to BlackBerry)

RajkrishnanMenon Posted online: Friday, Dec 20, 2013 at 0000 hrs
New Delhi : I used a BlackBerry Curve 9360 for nearly two years, but as the sheen of BBM and easy access to work email slowly wore off, I realised it was not much of a 'smart' phone. It wasn't reliable either – It froze too often, the charge never lasted long enough ... and one day it just died. It'll probably come back to life, but as my secondary phone.

I had heard good things about the Google Nexus 5 and finally decided to go ahead and buy it. Here is what made me pick up this phone as my first Android.

PRICE: High-end models of BlackBerry, iPhone and Nokia Lumia would have set me back by nearly Rs 40,000 (or more). A Google product (manufactured by LG) in the Rs 30,000-35,000 price range – a phone that has the best of specs, class and style – was a good deal.

Google Nexus 5

ANDROID: I had never used an Android phone or a touch phone, for that matter – I took the QWERTY keypad for granted, convincing myself it would be around forever. So I was both wary and excited about trying out a device that a techie friend described as “pure, unadulterated” Android. The KitKat operating system is remarkably easy to use – It's also intuitive and efficient. Syncing my contacts, bookmarks and email ids proved surprisingly hassle-free, even for a cynical technophobe like me who was expecting at least one annoying error message any second. I also managed to install and set up BBM (the one thing I really liked about BB) within a minute or so. And now I know why Google decided to call its flagship phone 'Nexus'. Because everything is seamlessly connected. Collusion. Hand-in-glove. You get the drift.

Google Nexus 5

SPEED: For a 32-GB phone, the Google Nexus 5 is incredibly light. And nimble. It starts up/reboots in seven seconds or less. In fact, everything is done quickly and I don't have to keep checking whether the task/function has been completed. It has to do with the 'powerhouse' hardware (and software), I am informed. This is a speed machine. Thumbs up.

APPS: When in doubt, don't waste time exploring 'Options' or 'Settings'. No need to Google 'How to set a ringtone'. Because there's plenty of time to learn. For the moment, just download an apt app that'll do the trick.

CALL QUALITY AND CONNECTIVITY: The jury is apparently still out on this, but so far, so good. I needed a phone that lets me make calls quickly and efficiently. Not easy, considering that it depends on the network, location and so on. With BB, if I didn't switch off and restart the network once a day, I might as well have left it at home. Also, the calls go and come through loud and clear on the Nexus. This was was another problem I faced with BB.

Now you know.

Price: Rs 28,999 (16GB) & Rs 32,999 (32GB)