43,000 applicants for 300 Gujarat govt assistant junior clerk jobs

RituSharma Posted online: Tuesday, Dec 17, 2013 at 0000 hrs
Ahmedabad : Prashant Vala (not his real name), 27, who completed his Master’s in Engineering (ME) in 2011 with distinction, works as an assistant professor at a self-financed engineering college in Gandhinagar for a monthly salary of Rs 38,000. He is among the many MEs, MBAs, MCAs and other post-graduates who have applied for the post of assistant junior clerk at the Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) — a job that requires only a second-class graduate and pays much less.

While there are only 300 vacancies, the AMC has received 43,000 applications, including from 14,000 post-graduates, many having completed professional courses like ME, Master’s in Business Administration (MBA), Master’s in Commerce (M Com), Master’s in Science (MSc), Master’s in Computer Application (MCA) and Master’s in Social Welfare (MSW).

The applicants spoke to The Indian Express on the condition that their names be changed.

“I know the salary will be less but it will provide me a secure job. Unlike the current job, where the college where I teach may shut down in 10 years,” said Vala.

While the monthly salary is Rs 5,200, Rs 6,200 and Rs 7,200 for the first, second and third year respectively, the junior clerks get Rs 15,000-20,000 from the fourth year onwards.

“Unlike private companies where one is hounded by a fear of layoffs or the company shutting down, there is no such fear in this job. I will manage with the low pay,” said Deepak Vaghela, 25, a BCA who went on to do his master’s and now works in a BPO in Ahmedabad, drawing a monthly salary of Rs 11,000.

Kinjal Shah, 29, an MBA, who worked as an analyst in a finance company and is now employed as an administrative officer in Gujarat Technical University for a monthly salary of Rs 17,000, is another applicant.

“My father persuaded me to apply. Even my fiance and in-laws do not have any problems about me working as a junior clerk,” said Hetal Chaudhary, 24, a BCA and MSc who recently resigned as a content writer in a private IT company.

“We had not expected such a huge response. The municipal commissioner will take the final decision,” said Deputy Municipal Commissioner I K Patel.