Universalization of hepatitis B vaccination would be taken up with the Centre

PTI Posted online: Tuesday, Dec 10, 2013 at 0000 hrs
Coimbatore : Indian Society of Gastroenterology would take up with the Union Health Ministry, the issue of universalizing the Hepatitis B vaccination across all sections of the country, its new president Dr V G Mohan Prasad said .

The society would incorporate advocacy groups to formulate recommendations to the Health ministry to address some of the vital issues, including Hepatitis B vaccination, Mohan Prasad, who took over as the National president of ISG,said in a release here.

With more than 2,000 members, ISG, which has 13 State chapters, would start new State chapters in Haryana and Punjab, and Jammu and Kashmir, soon, he said.

The vision to impart knowledge on current practice guidelines in Gastroenterolory and Hepatology to the general practitioners in tier two and three towns would be carried out in 12 States in phases, in association with Indian Medical Association, he said, adding, the project will commence from January next under the banner of 'Gastro-Gurukul.'

Mohanprasad is the chief gastroenterologist and chairman of VGM Hospital here and holds the position of Adjunct Professor of Tamil Nadu Dr MGR Medical University.