Next year won’t likely see bullish hiring-IndiaSkills

Posted online: Monday, Dec 09, 2013 at 0000 hrs
While the vast talent pool of our country is lamenting about the lack of job opportunities, two out of three job seekers do not meet the job provider’s requirements and are not considered fit for the jobs available. Thus, the recent job freeze across industry sectors is not the only reason for unemployment of the skill pool of India. This is one of the major findings of the first India Skills Report, launched at the 3rd CII National Conference on Skill Development. A joint initiative by PeopleStrong and Wheebox, in collaboration with CII, the report captured the skill levels of talent pool and brought out the hiring estimates across major industry sectors. As per the findings, the coming year would not see bullish hiring in any of the sectors. Out of the 10 sectors surveyed, majority are not expecting a major change in their hiring numbers. The study states that the number of women employees across industries is low. Nirmal Singh, founder & CEO, Wheebox, said, “India Skills Report 2014 has been the first attempt to bring the supply and demand sides of talent on the same platform. The next step is to make it inclusive using our standardised assessments for half a million students.”