Flying etiquette: The annoying art of standing up first

PTI Posted online: Monday, Dec 02, 2013 at 0000 hrs
New Delhi : The habit of getting up before a plane comes to a halt after landing at an airport, though the seat belt sign is on, annoys a majority of the flyers.

Men and women flyers also found it annoying when the passenger sitting in front rudely reclined the seat without thinking about the fellow passenger behind, a recent survey has found.

"For women, children kicking their seat back was the second most annoying habit, while men were irritated by fellow passengers not switching off their mobile phones until being asked to do so by the crew," the third edition of India Airline Experience Survey 2013 by travel portal TripAdvisor has found.

Travellers found books, iPad, tablets and iPods or any other portable music players as their best companions during a flight.

Around 59 per cent people loved to read a book during the flight, while 40 per cent preferred to spend their time on iPad or tablet and 31 per cent wanted to listen to music on iPod or portable music player.

Reading was the favourite pastime for most Indians travellers (60 per cent), while watching movies in flight was the second most favourite pastime (48 per cent) and 46 per cent flyers loved sleeping during a flight, the survey said.

The survey was collected from over 2,500 respondents.