Educate firms to avoid claims rejection: EPFO to field offices

PTI Posted online: Thursday, Oct 31, 2013 at 0000 hrs
New Delhi : Retirement fund body EPFO has asked its field staff to educate firms about the process of various claims like transfer of PF and pension settlement, to avoid rejection on such applications.

Employees' Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO) has asked its field staff to identify all those firms whose workers' claims rejection ratio is over 20 per cent and educate them about the process to avoid that.

"...regional and regional sub office may approach all such employers where rejection ratio of claims is high and EPFO office may educate and train the employers who in turn may guide the employees correctly at the time of filing claims," an official circular stated.

The rejections of claims delays the process of settlement and causes inconvenience to the subscribers of the EPFO and increased the organisations's work load unnecessary.

According to the circular, the employers play significant role in the process of claim settlement of beneficiary. At the time of verification of claims the employer has the opportunity to detect obvious mistakes in furnishing the relevant information by the claimants.

During 2012-13, 107.62 lakh claims were settled, out of which 88 per cent of claims were processed within the prescribed 30 days as per the body's citizen charter.

EPFO, which has the subscribers base of over five crore, is expecting 1.2 crore claims in 2013-14, including around 13 lakh PF transfer claims. The body has planned to settle online around 10 lakh transfer claims this fiscal.

Earlier this month, the body has started the service of online filing of PF transfer claims on October 2.