Jet Airways gets lion's share of increased seat allocations to Abu Dhabi

Mihir Mishra Posted online: Saturday, Oct 26, 2013 at 0000 hrs
New Delhi : Air India has got about 27 per cent of the total allocation of seats from the increased bilateral entitlements signed between India and Abu Dhabi.

Jet Airways has got 44.8 per cent of the total increased allocation while SpiceJet has secured 28.2 per cent of the total increased allocation.

The 10,507 seats allocated among the three airlines are for the winter schedule of 2013 and will run upto the summer schedule of 2014, said a senior civil aviation ministry official.

“The increase in bilateral seats entitlements between India and Abu Dhabi is to come in three phases and the current allocation are from the first phase of increase”, he added.

Under the air services pact between India and Abu Dhabi, the increase in entitlements is to be implemented over three years — 11,000 seats per week in 2013, 12,800 seats per week up to the winter schedule of 2014 and 12,870 seats per week up to the winter schedule of 2015.

On April 24, India and Abu Dhabi had increased their weekly seat entitlements from 13,600 seats to 50,270 seats. The increase had attracted controversy, as it was signed just hours before Jet Airways decided to sell a 24 per cent stake to Abu Dhabi based Etihad.

The increase in seats was consequently sent to the Union Cabinet for a post-facto approval. Usually such issues do not need a Cabinet approval.

In the allocation, Jet Airways has got 4 destinations to operate its flights from.

These are Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad and Mangalore. Air India and SpiceJet have two got destinations each — Air India from Delhi and Mumbai and SpiceJet from Calicut and Mangalore.