International Monetary Fund says India's GDP forecast based on market price, not factor cost

PTI Posted online: Thursday, Oct 10, 2013 at 0000 hrs
Mumbai : A day after cutting the country's growth forecast to an abysmally low 3.8 per cent in FY14, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) today clarified that the projection was based on market prices and not on the factor cost which is being used by the government and analysts here.

"For India, we wish to clarify the basis on which our forecasts are produced. To be comparable across countries, the IMF world economic outlook projections are done at market prices, which differs somewhat from the factor cost definition used by the government and most analysts.

The IMF had yesterday projected the domestic economic growth at 3.8 per cent in FY14 against 5.6 per cent forecast in July.

The IMF said GDP growth estimates at market prices equal the factor cost estimates, minus subsidies but including indirect taxes.

In the first quarter of FY14, real GDP growth estimated by the Central Statistics Office stood at 4.4 per cent on a factor cost basis, and at 2.4 per cent on a market price basis, the IMF said.

"In India, factor cost GDP generally provides a more accurate picture of economic developments," it added.

According to the IMF, GDP growth at factor cost in FY14 will be 4.3 per cent while growth at market prices will be 3.8 per cent.