Vodafone to directly recruit talent from top Indian institutes

PTI Posted online: Monday, Sep 23, 2013 at 0000 hrs
New Delhi : The country's second largest telecom operator Vodafone today announced a new progamme under which it will visit top 20 Indian business and technology institutes to directly recruit talent.

From these institutes, Vodafone plans to recruit more than 90 interns this summer and hire over 80 top talents into various entry level programmes.

"Vodafone's 'Discover Campus Program' is designed with the aim of identifying and grooming young leaders for bigger roles in the future. This program will ensure that employees feel valued and will go the extra mile to contribute to an organisation," Vodafone India's Director for Human Resources, Ashok Ramchandran, said in a statement.

The company has plans to visit more than 20 top-ranked B-Schools and 'T-Schools' in India which such as Indian Institute of Management, XLRI, MDI, SIBM, IIFT, JBIMS, SCMHRD, SP Jain, and FMS, amongst others.

Vodafone India, which has over 11,500 employees in the country, will look at more inductees in subsequent years, it added.

Under the programme, prospective talents will undergo 12 to 18 months development which will be divided in three parts where 70 per cent of the development will be through on the job learnings, 20 per cent through coaching and mentoring, and 10 per cent through classroom training.