1. PV Sindhu vs Saina Nehwal, Senior Badminton National Championship Final Highlights: Nehwal beat Sindhu 21-17, 27-25 in blockbuster clash

PV Sindhu vs Saina Nehwal, Senior Badminton National Championship Final Highlights: Nehwal beat Sindhu 21-17, 27-25 in blockbuster clash

PV Sindhu vs Saina Nehwal Badminton Score: In the blockbuster clash Saina Nehwal defeated PV Sindhu 21-17, 27-25 on Wednesday in the National Championships.

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PV Sindhu vs Saina Nehwal LIVE Score Updates from Senior Badminton National Championship Final Nagpur PV Sindhu vs Saina Nehwal Badminton Highlights: Both Sindhu and Nehwal have clinched the Nationals twice and will try their best to make it three with a win in Nagpur.

PV Sindhu vs Saina Nehwal Badminton Highlights: In the blockbuster clash Saina Nehwal defeated PV Sindhu 21-17, 27-25  on Wednesday in the National Championships. This is the third time Nehwal has won this tournament. Sindhu who is the top seed and is ranked currently World number 2 in the world had a tough semi-final match against Ruthvika Shivani before taking the game away from the latter 17-21, 21-5, 21-11. However, Saina Nehwal who is ranked 11th in the world ranking hardly broke a sweat as she defeated fifth seed Anura Prabhudesai 21-11, 21-10. Interestingly, both the shuttlers have met each other twice at the world stage and are currently locked at 1-1. Their most recent showdown took place at the Indian Superseries quarter-finals in March this year where Sindhu emerged as the winner with 21-16, 22-20.

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Here are PV Sindhu vs Saina Nehwal from Senior Badminton National Championship Final:

7:36 pm: The Nagpur crowd is cheering both the shuttlers. An ecstatic atmosphere in the arena.

7:35 pm: Sindhu makes it even. Can she make it even and end the second set with a win? Score: 24-24.

7:34 pm: Will the match ever end? Score level 23-23.

7:33 pm: Another great rally between Nehwal and Sindhu, and the former takes a lead. She celebrates the point with a loud roar. Score: 23-22.

7:31 pm: Saina again with the match point, and a thundering smash by Sindhu. Both players have refused to give up. Score tied at 22-22.

7:30 pm: Advantage for Sidhu but Nehwal makes it even again.

7:29 pm: What a rally it was, it is a deuce.

7:28 pm: Match point for Saina Nehwal. Can she win?

7:27 pm: This is turning out to be one heck of a match. Score 19-18 for Sindhu.

7:25 pm: Saina is giving a tough fight to Sindhu. She refuses to give up so easy, Score moves 18-17 for Sindhu.

7:23 pm: The way Sindhu is playing, game is sure to go for the third set which will be a decider.

7:21 pm: Nothing can be better than this. Both players giving their all to take away the title. Score 15-12 for Sindhu.

7:15 pm: Although Sindhu is still leading the game, she looks more tentative in her movements whereas Nehwal is relaxed and composed. Score 9-8 for Sindhu.

7:14 pm: But Nehwal is not going down so easy. After a slow start to the second set, she eye for a comeback. Score 6-6.

7:11 pm: Sindhu looks strong in the second set, Score 6-4.

7:08 pm: It seems like a good old story. Sindhu loses her first set and starts controlling the game in the second half. Score: 3-2 for Sindhu.

7:05 pm: Nehwal looks relaxed as the game is in her control. Score 21-17. Nehwal wins the first set.

7:04 pm: Too many unforced errors by Sindhu. This might just cost her the match. Score 19-17.

7:02 pm: Sindhu starts her fight back. No big shots have come from Sindhu so far. But who cares her placement shots are working well. Score: 17-16 for Nehwal.

7:00 pm: A thundering smash by Nehwal. She looks much more confident with her movement and strokes. Credit goes to Gopichand. Socre: 16-12.

6:57 pm: This is badminton of the highest quality. Superb placement by Sindhu. Score: 14-11.

6:52 pm: Nehwal has started dominating the game but do not forget PV Sindhu has always aced in the second set.

6:50 pm: After both players trading points. Nehwal extends the lead. Score 8-7 for Nehwal.

6:49 pm: Scores are still level  at 6-6.

6:48 pm: Nice drop by PV Sindhu, it is a clever play by world number 2. Nehwal had no answer to the tactical play.

6:46 pm: It is an evenly matched game so far with both the players ticking points on the scoreboard. Score- 4-3 for Saina Nehwal.

6:43 pm: Saina Nehwal begins with the serve but loses the point.

6:41 pm: Both the players have entered the arena.

6:24 pm: The blockbuster clash is to start soon.

5:21 pm: Meanwhile in Men’s Single, Prannoy HS defeated Srikanth Kidambi’s 13-match winning streak 21-15, 16-21, 21-7.

5:27 pm: Here is how both PV Sindhu and Saina Nehwal stand in the world rankings.

Sindhu is 2nd while Nehwal is 11th. (BWF website)

5:19 pm: Both the players are currently locked at 1-1 in the head-to-head clash and will eye to break this deadlock.

4:37 pm: The theme song of the tournament is called De-shuttle.


4:30 pm: Hello and welcome to this exciting final between two stars of Indian badminton, Saina Nehwal and PV Sindhu. The match will is a National Championships final and will take place in Nagpur.

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