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NASA's Mars rover Opportunity to have its memory wiped

Individual cells within a flash memory sector can wear out from repeated use. (AP Photo)

NASA is planning to wipe out Mars rover Opportunity's flash memory as an increasing number of comput...

Fuelless NASA rainfall satellite starts to fallMars Mission: ISRO scientists gear up for challenging task
Birds have an innate ability to manoeuvre in midair. (Reuters)
How birds learnt to fly decoded
The study by the University of California, Berkeley, looked at how baby bird...

Mystery of Death Valley's moving rocks solved

The mystery about the moving rocks in Death Valley that has baffled scientists has been finally solv...

Earth can sustain more terrestrial plant growth

The study recalculates the theoretical limit of terrestrial plant productivity, and finds that it is...

Lasers turn glass into metal

Scientists have used laser pulses to change the properties of quartz glass into metal...

Gene to help engineer drought-resistant crops

With scientists worldwide looking for ways to produce more food with less water, researchers...
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Fuelless NASA rainfall satellite starts to fall
A long-lived NASA satellite launched in 1997 to measure rainfall in the tropics has run out of fuel.
SpaceX delays launch after test rocket explosion
Space Exploration Technologies will delay the launch of its next Falcon 9 rocket by up to two weeks....
Mars Mission: ISRO scientists gear up for challenging task
The Rs 450-crore project 'Mangalyan' was launched on board the PSLV on November 5 last year.
'Robo Brain' to teach robots how to mimic humans
Researchers, including Indian-origin scientists, have designed a 'Robo Brain'.
New computer programme knows how you are feeling
Researchers have designed a computer programme that can accurately recognise users' emotional states...
'Thigh bone' on Mars is just another rock: NASA
A rock spotted by Curiosity rover on Mars may look like a femur bone, but it is just a weathered Mar...
The intelligent-life lottery
Some argue that with billions of stars in our galaxy, there must be other civilisations. But others ...
Your toothpaste's fluorine formed in the stars
The fluorine that is found in products such as toothpaste was likely formed billions of years ago
Fish and coral can smell bad neighborhood: Scientist research
Pacific corals and fish both can smell a bad neighbourhood and use that ability to avoid settling in...
India's Mars orbiter to reach red planet in 33 days: ISRO
India's ambitious Mars Orbiter Mission was just nine million kilometres away from the red planet: IS...
SpaceX rocket explodes during test flight
A SpaceX rocket exploded in midair during a test flight, though no one was injured
Electric sparks may have altered properties of lunar soil
Scientists have found that high-energy particles from uncommon, large solar storms penetrate the Moo...
Cities making spiders grow bigger and multiply faster
City-dwelling spiders grow larger and could produce more offsprings than their country cousins: Rese...
New algorithm lets drones monitor their own health
MIT scientists have developed a new algorithm that lets drones monitor their own health.
Inexpensive solar powered lens purifies polluted water
A university student in the US has developed an inexpensive solar lens that uses sunlight to heat.
Now, beam your messages, pics to Mars
The company Uwingu in Boulder, Colorado has launched its "Beam Me to Mars" project.
Neanderthals and humans had 'ample time' to mix
Humans and Neanderthals may have coexisted in Europe for more than 5,000 years...
NASA's Curiosity rover stalled by sand trap on Mars
NASA's Mars rover Curiosity may have to find an alternative route to the base of a huge Red Planet m...
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