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Reboot your portfolio

Fixed maturity plans (FMPs) of less than three years will no longer have an edge over bank fixed dep...

Proceeds from sale of house held for over 3 years treated as long-term capital gain
Under section 80C, the borrower can claim deduction against home loan principal repayment subject to...

Reasons why personal loan applications find the bin

Personal loan is not only one of the most common forms of borrowing for many individuals, it is also...

Stay abreast of changes in i-t return forms

The last date of filing income-tax returns for FY14 is round the corner (July 31, except for corpora...

Managing money both an art and a science

One earns money through salary/enterprise/businessconsultancy or even from investments and inheritan...

Debt MFs lose sheen after tax-arbitrage benefit removed

The Budget provision relating to taxing of long-term capital gains on sale of debt mutual fund units...
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Capital markets need retail investor boost to flourish
A robust economy is always built on sound capital markets.
Trajectory of fiscal deficit key variable for fixed income market
The Budget is a key variable for equity investments due to its impact on various segments of the eco...
New push to e-insurance #eGovWatch
Irda launches two-month pilot on insurance repository system to remove bottlenecks
Gold prices likely to benefit if Iraq crisis continues, rupee depreciates
As long as the method and period of comparison is consistent, you can look at either point-to-point ...
Budget boost for life insurance
While the insurance industry can provide the infrastructure sector with long-term finance, the penet...
General insurance industry needs a fresh lease of life
With the election handing a decisive mandate to the new government, now is the time for concrete ste...
Households need tax incentives for healthcare sector to take off
A key deterrent to widespread healthcare services is the cost associated with building up the necess...
Investment: Post office term deposits vs bank FDs
What you should do when faced with choosing between post office term deposits and bank FDs
Household savings in financial assets set to rise
A sharp fall in domestic gold prices, vibrant equity markets, rising flows into equity mutual funds
Alternative investment: Getting savvy at state-of-the-art investing
Art is a symbol of beauty, grace and wealth, and an integral part of one’s assets.
Govt needs to raise Section 80C of the Income-Tax Act limit to Rs 5 lakh
One of the key challenges before the new government is to meet the heightened expectations
Smart Money: HDFC Life’s Click2Invest ulip could be a game-changer
If you are net-savvy and can actively manage your funds, HDFC Life’s Click2Invest, a unit-linked ins...
Travel insurance: Your foreign policy
Buying travel insurance promises complete peace of mind on an overseas trip. Here’s the lowdown
Liquid, tax-efficient investments key to secure retirement
For the retired, it is crucial to protect and grow their hard-earned savings and, at the same time, ...
To be a successful investor, don’t expect miracles overnight
A successful investor prepares for the best while being ready for the worst.
Regulatory support needed to expand reach of health insurance
Increase the current tax rebate of R5,000 available for preventive checkups to Rs 10,000 and make it...
Life insurance: Lid on churning
Irda seeks to curb practice of misleading customers into surrendering their policies for new ones
MFs: SIP, Don’t gulp
The total number of equity mutual fund folios stood at 29.22 million as on May 31, 2014.
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