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Retirement: The time to plan and invest is now

Retirement planning is not much different from any other type of financial planning.

EPFO settles 11 lakh claims in July, 43 lakh since AprilFirms with 10 or more employees may come under EPF Act
Tax talk: Selling residential property? Make it a lot less taxing
Investing in a house seems to be the preferred choice of many not just because of the lucrative retu...

Income tax: Donít panic if your return is under taxman's scrutiny

For most taxpayers, scrutiny or audit of tax return means long-drawn hassles...

Gold loans: Adding to the lustre, but duration capped at just 12 months

RBI has eased norms related to gold loans for non-agricultural purposes.

A clean bill of health

How to buy the most suitable medical cover and use it to your advantage

Impact of Finance Act 2014 on sale of unlisted securities

Have you been dealing in unlisted securities or entering into off-market transactions?
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The case for and against short-term bond funds
Bond funds are bundled together under one single category in the investment arena.
Buyback: Parting Shot
A rewarding move if you analyse the size of the offer, its price and duration.
Donít lap up that rights issue just yet, ascertain the companyís motive
This year, more than half a dozen companies have announced rights issues for their shareholders. Let...
Domestic savings to drive investment
A growing middle class and a young demography is likely to boost the countryís savings rate. A Dun &...
Complying with I-T provisions of clubbing income
The rule says one should pay taxes on the income earned. What taxpayers seldom know is that Ďincomeí...
Opening your portfolio to closed-ended funds
closed-ended funds have delivered an absolute return of over 50% since November last year, with some...
Where there is a Will...
... inheritance is smooth and wealth is transferred to those chosen amicably
whatís spoiling the party for insurers?
Third-party motor insurance is not a profitable portfolio for insurers, with the amount of claims ou...
Home loans: Making most of headwinds
Banks and non-banking financial companies (NBFCs) are getting active to make sure they get the maxim...
Tax implications of buying second house with a loan
If an individual holds more than one property in his name, only one such property may...
Unclaimed insurance amount: Whose money is it, anyway?
Irda has embarked on a drive to ensure unclaimed amounts with insurers reach the rightful owner.
Biting off more than they can chew?
Over the past five years, housing loans have grown relatively slowly for banks with the previous hom...
Making the science of portfolio management work in your favour
Investment science says risk drives return. So, the practice of investing funds and managing portfol...
Arbitrage funds: Should you buy into the optimism?
The last few weeks have seen a new buzz in the mutual fund space, with fund houses promoting arbitra...
2-wheeler insurance: 3-year third-party cover a win-win for consumer, insurer
IRDA has introduced a three-year term for third-party motor insurance of two-wheelers.
How transactions at ATMs become expensive: Explained
Come Nov 1, frequent usage of ATMs will become expensive, with RBI imposing limit of transactions.
A clean bill of health
How to buy the most suitable medical cover and use it to your advantage
Income funds slip, equity funds gain
In July, income funds reported an outflow of more than R10,000 crore as the government doubled long-...
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