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The safety pin

PIN-enabled credit card is an additional measure initiated by RBI to make transactions secure. Here’...

Executive Director G Gopalakrishna takes VRS, joins as director CAFRALCredit growth slips to 13.8 pct; deposits up 15 pct
How investors can gain from technical analysis
For any investor, it’s important to understand the difference between technical and fundamental anal...

Donations to political parties eligible for tax deduction

Cash payments are not eligible for rebate.

Lessee treated as ‘deemed owner’ of house if lease is for 12 years or more

I earned long-term capital gain by selling a plot of land and wish to construct a residential flat f...

Play your cards right

Want to cancel your credit card? A few precautions you must take to avoid inconvenience in future

Five things to look for in your insurance policy document

Life insurance is the only financial tool that offers the triple advantage of risk coverage, long-te...
Ads by Google
Catastrophe bonds: An idea whose time has come
Adopting new technology may be challenging and even disruptive.
Claim HRA to maximise your tax exemption
House Rent Allowance (HRA) is one of the important components in the salary structure of any employe...
The net widens
Online channel of distribution is a win-win proposition for insurers and customers alike
Smart Money: IDBI Mutual Fund’s new diversified equity scheme
IDBI Mutual Fund has launched a closed-ended income scheme with the investment objective of long-ter...
Collective approach to buying a life cover
When we talk about life insurance, we generally talk about the products sold to individuals. The cha...
Timely repayments, borrowing discipline key to credit score
Many people earn a lot but spend it all, leading to a lack of investments and savings, and heavy deb...
Tax isn’t on the house
Used wisely, a home loan can be an effective vehicle to bring down your tax outgo
Tax benefit can be claimed against interest paid on education loan
As per section 80E, an individual can claim deduction of interest on loan taken by him for higher ed...
Ten commandments for a sizeable retirement corpus
Building a corpus that will meet all your financial needs during your golden years is critical.
New wealth tax rules bring relief for landowners
Most people believe paying taxes on income and filing an IT return by the due date means 100% compli...
Return of the native
NRIs are often confused about the tax implications of coming back to India for good. We dispel the d...
Employing stock indices to generate market-beating returns
It’s said that a country’s stock indices are the barometer of its capital markets as well as the eco...
Long-term investment, due diligence key to high returns
Sensex hit an all-time high, making retail investors pause and think of investing in equities.
Soften tax blow with smart TDS management
To avoid TDS for bank fixed deposits, an investor must file Form 15H and Form 15G.
Bond appetit
A flurry of tax-free bonds by public sector cos are up for grabs. If you are risk-averse, don’t miss...
One-size-fits-all doesn’t apply to asset allocation
As lacklustre as it may sound, asset allocation is the fundamental principle of investing.
Portfolio rebalancing holds key to building a sizeable nest egg
If you are planning for retirement, it’s important to look at inflation, longevity and investment ri...
Cut your losses
Salaried individuals need to make the most of options available to reduce their tax outgo. Some tips
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