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Insurance can play big role in routing savings to infra sector

Development of infrastructure is one of the top priorities for the new government.

Editorial: Getting PPP to workUnion Budget: Govt proposes tax incentives for REITs, InvITs
How Budget affects various investment vehicles
The Budget proposals will boost household savings and divert them to financial assets, especially in...

Home insurance policy covers structure of the house as well as its contents

Repainting your vehicle with a different colour doesnít impact the claims process. Having said this,...

Tax planning: Arun Jaitleyís Budget prescription

Before you alter your investment pattern in wake of Budget 2014-15...

Tax incentives in Budget will help boost economy

With the finance minister increasing the basic tax exemption limit from R2 lakh to R2.5 lakh for res...

Propulsion, but nowhere near escape velocity

The focus is on boosting household savings and channelising them into the financial sector and devel...
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To be a successful investor, donít expect miracles overnight
A successful investor prepares for the best while being ready for the worst.
Regulatory support needed to expand reach of health insurance
Increase the current tax rebate of R5,000 available for preventive checkups to Rs 10,000 and make it...
Life insurance: Lid on churning
Irda seeks to curb practice of misleading customers into surrendering their policies for new ones
MFs: SIP, Donít gulp
The total number of equity mutual fund folios stood at 29.22 million as on May 31, 2014.
Gifts from certain categories of relatives are exempt from tax
Special occasions are just not special if there is no exchange of gifts.
5 changes for Budget 2014: Insurers need tax sops to play their part in nation-building
With a majority mandate, the new government has evoked a lot of positive sentiment among investors.
In a rich vein
As the debate over global polarisation of wealth rages on, one thing is certain
Loss from tax-exempt source canít be set off against income from other heads
Can I set off the loss on sale of units of mutual fund against the profit on sale of shares?
Smart Money: HDFC MF declares dividend for FMP
HDFC Mutual Fund has declared dividends under the regular option-normal dividend option,
Tread carefully the rewarding ETF path
The units are traded like that of a stock, but it operates like a mutual fund (MF).
Life insurers seek fresh capital to scale up
Since 2001, life insurance companies in India have been investing based on the assumption that the f...
EPFO gives relief to employers sending staffers overseas
A recent circular issued by the Employeesí Provident Fund Organisation (EPFO), based on a 2011 Supre...
Credit where itís due
Holding multiple credit cards is a double-edged sword unless you practise extreme caution...
Partial redemption, savings on making charge key benefits of gold ETFs
If I invest in overseas stocks through mutual funds in India, do I still need to pay short-term capi...
Soften tax blow with exemption on medical costs
Healthcare costs have always been a key concern for families. The burden has risen over the years,...
Efficient market hypothesis: The long and short of it
Investors are typically concerned about long-term performance when comparing alternative investments...
Income tax rebates: Salaried can cut their outgo drastically
By making use of lesser-known provisions of Income-Tax Act, salaried can cut outgo drastically.
Donít chase pinpoint precision in computing optimum share price
The most common question equity market investors face is when to buy, sell or hold. Further, it is a...
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