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Pace of walking and memory loss can predict Dementia: study

The pace of walking and memory loss of an individual can now predict dementia accurately, according to a recent study. (Thinkstock)

A study involving nearly 27,000 older adults found that nearly one in 10 met the criteria for pre-de...

Teens with low IQ, poor heart health at risk of dementiaMonthly jab to prevent Alzheimer's in five years
India has the second highest number of Hepatitis B infected
India has over 40 million Hepatitis B infected patients, second only to China, and most people with ...

Books, videos games boost happiness: Study

Buying books, video games or a guitar can give you the same high as going on a vacation, according t...

GM mosquitoes to check dengue menace?

The modified male mosquito named '513A' will have a gene that ensures its offspring dies before reac...

The super organ

Given the placenta’s vital role, relatively little is known about it.

Exercise evangelists

Conventional workout regimes like weight training and cardio are passe.
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New technique maps life's effects on our DNA
The technique can be used to map all of the 'epigenetic marks' on the DNA within a single cell.
Oral cancer claims one life every six hours in India
The situation could be still graver as many cases of the disease went unreported.
Genetic cause of common breast tumors in women identified
Scientists have uncovered the molecular basis of fibroadenoma, one of the most common benign breast ...
HPV test better than Pap for assessing cervical cancer risk: study
Negative HPV tests provides women with more reliable assurance that they wouldn’t develop cancer.
Brown fat: For better metabolism, keep a cool bedroom
Cooler bedrooms could subtly transform a person’s stores of brown fat.
Men with vasectomies may be at increased risk for most lethal form of prostate cancer
Vasectomy may lead to immunological changes, abnormal cell growth or hormonal imbalances that may af...
From erection to orgasm, pelvic exercises are good for men too
Men have been encouraged to take up Kegel exercises, long been considered women’s work.
Exercise, relaxation can reduce social anxiety
Exercise and relaxation activities like yoga can positively impact people with social anxiety disord...
Eating lean beef daily can help lower blood pressure
Eating lean beef can reduce risk factors for heart disease...
Mistreatment most common form of elderly abuse in India: Study
The Agewell Foundation said that out of 28,295 affected elderly respondents, 10,452 ranked mistreatm...
Gene that stops spread of common lung cancer identified
"The communication between LKB1 and DIXDC1 is responsible for a 'stay-put' signal in cells.
Love or lust? Eye movements tell the truth
Previous research by Cacioppo has shown that different networks of brain regions are activated by lo...
India to see 21 pct increase in cancer cases, women more vulnerable than men: Report
Women are already more vulnerable than men; the increase in incidence will also be higher in women.
Statins may prolong life of diabetics: study
Cholesterol-lowering statins may help prolong the lives of people with diabetic cardiovascular disea...
Smoking may contribute to suicide risk
Nicotine in cigarettes may trigger psychiatric disorders, raising a smoker's risk of committing suic...
Single protein jab could reverse diabetes
The newly developed treatment doesn't result in side effects common to most current diabetes treatme...
Scientific review finds asthma drugs suppress child growth
Corticosteroid drugs given via inhalers to children with asthma may suppress their growth, according...
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