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France buys stakes to keep start-ups at home

The French government likes social media so much so that the country’s sovereign wealth fund has inv...

Messi far from being best footballer in world: PeleAGP opts for revamp, to elect new chief on April 20
Wells Fargo reports higher Q1 profit
Wells Fargo & Co reported higher first-quarter profits on Friday as the bank posted strong mortgage ...

Nooyi, Shah attend G8 luncheon at Camp David

Two Indian Americans — Raj Shah and Indra Nooyi — were among the few special guests invited by US pr...

Chen reaches NY, thanks US & China govts

Blind Chinese dissident Chen Guangcheng, who was at the centre of a recent Sino-US diplomatic row, s...

Ford gets blue oval logo, credit rating back

The blue oval is back home. The Ford Motor Company received a second investment-grade rating on Tues...

Robots invade China as increasing wages put machines over workers

Kuka, Europe’s largest maker of industrial robots, is creating a regional hub in China to tap surgin...
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$27 million and counting: US govt sitting on bitcoin goldmine
US prosecutors in Manhattan are sitting on a multimillion-dollar bitcoin gold mine.
Hollande’s approval rating stable: Poll
French president Francois Hollande's approval rating remained unchanged following a news conference ...
Cybercrime company uncovers six active attacks on US retailers
A cybercrime firm says it has uncovered at least six ongoing attacks at US merchants
European utilities getting squeezed by growing clamour for nationalisation
Vattenfall unplugged! With flyers, posters and an animated film of a bear disconnecting the Swedish ...
Google eyes new biz with glucometer contact lens
Google unveiled on Thursday a contact lens that monitors glucose levels in tears
Well-known US retailers victims of cyber attacks
Target and Neiman Marcus are not the only US retailers whose networks were breached over the holiday...
US’ mobile price war raises fear of profit haemorrhage
New Year's rivalry among US mobile operators has Wall Street worried that the industry's profits cou...
Exports grow despite wage rise in China
Cheng Chunmeng, the general manager of a manufacturer of colourful children’s chairs in east-central...
Business group targets Obama appointments
A powerful business group’s decision to use its legal firepower to back a bottling company
Google’s linking of social network contacts to Gmail raises concerns
A new feature in Google's Gmail will result in some users receiving messages from people
Wall Street may pay $50 bn to settle mortgage suits
Top banks’ lawyers quietly following JPMorgan's $13-billion settlement path.
You listen to Pandora, and it will listen back
Pandora, the internet radio service, is plying a new tune.
No bonanza yet for big funds from new rules to cut risk
If pension funds, insurers and sovereign wealth funds were hoping to cash in on lending
China Baotou Steel Rare Earth acquires nine regional miners
China’s biggest producer of rare earths, the Inner Mongolia Baotou Steel Rare Earth Group
Housing spurs 2013 UK growth, investment doubts cloud 2014
Britain’s booming construction industry and fast-rising house prices suggest the economy finished 20...
4 dead after Cambodian police fire on striking garment workers
At least four people were killed on Friday when police outside Cambodia’s capital opened fire to bre...
As Gensler departs, regulator of Wall Street loses its hard-charging chief
Gary Gensler squeezed into a Washington auditorium last month, mingling with the 300 guests at his f...
Fiat-Chrysler deal shows Marchionne’s strength
The toll taken by two years of talks and an accompanying investment freeze has already delayed the I...
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