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Wine only good for heart when you exercise: study

It was previously believed that consumption of a moderate amount of wine protected people against heart disease. (Reuters)

According to a study, wine only protects against heart disease those people who daily exercise...

The pint-sized solutionDelivery start-ups are back like it’s 1999
They found that drinking tea reduces non-cardiovascular mortality by 24 per cent. (Reuters)
Drinking tea cuts risk of non-cardiovascular mortality
Drinking tea reduces the risk of dying from causes unrelated to the heart, a new study has claimed.

Batteryless cardiac pacemaker powered by heart!

Researchers have developed a new batteryless cardiac pacemaker which is based on an automatic...

New method to diagnose malaria found

Scientists have developed a fast, reliable and inexpensive method to diagnose malaria...

‘Astonishing’ new heart failure drug developed that cuts risks by a fifth

A new medicine from Novartis could replace drugs that have been central to treating heart failure...

Intelligent healthcare with Big Data analytics

Big Data holds the promise to reshape medical practices to deliver more accurate and effective treat...
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Japan to work with India in finding Sickle Cell Anaemia remedy
Narendra Modi discussed the issue with Nobel Prize winner for Medicine (2012) S Yamanaka when he vis...
New drug effective in treating heart failure
An experimental drug has reduced deaths from chronic heart failure by 20 per cent...
Celebration in Liberia slum as Ebola quarantine lifted
Crowds sang and danced in the streets of a seaside neighborhood in Liberia on Saturday.
Clockwork heart pacemaker does away with batteries
Swiss engineers, famous for making the world's finest watches, are turning their hands to cardiology...
WFP says it needs $70 million to feed 1.3 million people in Ebola quarantine
The World Food Programme needs to raise $70 million to feed 1.3 million people at risk from Ebola.
Japan to work with India in finding Sickle Cell Anaemia remedy
Japan today agreed to work with India in inventing treatment to the Sickle Cell Anaemia.
Growth hormone for children tied to greater stroke risk: Study
Childhood treatment with human growth hormone is strongly associated with an increased risk for stro...
New laser-based tool maps how drug abuse affects brain
Scientists have developed a laser-based imaging tool to map how drug abuse disrupts blood flow to th...
Plastics used in bottles could damage developing ovaries
Researchers at Harvard have been trying to assess how BPA affects humans through studies of women en...
Sugar addiction is key contributor to heart disease, cancer risk
Consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages, particularly carbonated soft drinks, may be a key contribu...
'Eating well could cut incidence of TB by half'
More than a million new cases of tuberculosis every year in India are attributable to undernutrition...
First app to tell if alcohol related tremors are real or fake
Scientists developed first app to measure strength of tremors owing to alcohol withdrawal.
How movement affects hearing decoded
Ever wondered why we stop talking and moving altogether when we want to listen carefully to someone?
Study: We travel with our own germs
No matter how well you scrub your home, it's covered in bacteria from your own body.
'Angry face' makes you appear stronger
Ever noticed your lowered brow, thinned lips and flared nostrils when you get mad over something?
Scientists dig into Ebola's deadly DNA for clues
Researchers on the ground in Africa had some hope that the Ebola outbreak was coming under control.
Alcoholism: Gene may put you at greater risk
Scientists have identified a gene that plays a key role in the development of alcoholism and alcohol...
Gene studies of Ebola show virus is mutating fast
Genetic studies of some of the earliest Ebola cases in Sierra Leone reveal more than 300 genetic cha...
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