Markets: Eerie calm

Markets: Eerie calm

it is not clear when market sentiment can change; as in the past, it can be quite sudden.
At a turn and yet not

At a turn and yet not

RBI could be tempted to cut policy rate to support growth at its bi-monthly review.
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ECB needs bankers’ expertise to brush up watchdog’s teeth

He has accepted one of the top jobs at a new part of the European Central Bank in Frankfurt.

Bank of Japan keeps loose monetary policy in placeECB gets more powers to monitor banks
Buffett eyes Bank of America shares, more big acquisitions
Berkshire Hathaway is likely to exercise option to buy $5 billion Bank of America shares...

Major tech firms promise more internet-connected devices

Internet-connected products represent a growth opportunity for wireless carriers...

High-interest e-commerce giants on the rise in China, beating govt banks

Last June, an affiliate of the Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba made an offer to its hundreds of mil...

Tiny digital publisher to put Newsweek back in print

The Graham family, long-time newspaper publishers, gave up and sold it for a dollar

Apple Inc. launches CarPlay for drivers

Apple Inc. makes its next move in hands-free smartphone technology for car drivers.
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Greenberg’s group to buy MultiPlan for $4.4 billion
A group led by former AIG boss Maurice “Hank” Greenberg's Starr Investment Holdings is close to buyi...
A chip off the new block
Genevieve Bell, Intel’s social scientist, runs a team of about 100 researchers who study how consume...
Sunny days ahead for US energy sector as landmark solar plant goes onstream
A windy stretch of the Mojave Desert once roamed by tortoises and coyotes has been transformed by hu...
Quick update: Govt extends NMP benefits to industry clusters across country
Seeking to boost the manufacturing sector, the government has extended the benefits of the National ...
The fever is catching up
Know the risks and friction points before signing on a franchisee deed
TDS to be cut from advance paid under works contract
As per the contract, the components are purchased by the subsidiary at a discount.
Test of entrepreneurship
Soon banks could lend you without collateral after a psychometric test
How postmen may help set India’s monetary policy
Global investors may well be putting their faith in postmen like Phanin Deka when they decide to buy...
US govt, internet companies reach deal on data disclosure
Technology companies and privacy advocates are praising a new compromise that will allow the interne...
Google Glass gets a mainstream push with designer frames
Google Glass has received prescription frames status and new styles of detachable sunglasses.
Shadow economy: French succumb to temptation of cash as taxes climb
French handyman Bruno works full-time doing repair work on homes around Paris
Apple to register record holiday sales, but China doubts stay
Apple needs a superb quarter to galvanise the stock.
Emerging markets off Fed radar
Though the central bank's 16-month-old bond-buying programme is meant to boost the US economy
Indians a rising force in California politics
When Neel Kashkari announced he was running for governor last week, he became the latest Californian...
Forecasts show Abe missing budget-balance promise
Japanese government calculations indicate that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe cannot meet his budget-bala...
Wikipedia founder backs ‘good causes’ mobile operator
Jimmy Wales says TPO had pulled off difficult feat of creating inspirational business that had solid...
BRIC or MINT? Fund managers suffer from acronym anxiety
For many fund managers seeking the next big thing in emerging markets, the answer is none.
In China, US tech majors weigh ‘Snowden effect’
US technology companies are having to re-think how they sell hardware and services in the world's se...
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