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Editorial: Taxman’s makeover

Cutting pending disputes by 60% is a massive shift

In bad faithEnd game
Not just an accidental entrepreneur
Serial entrepreneur K Ganesh shares with Darlington Jose Hector & Anand J that most entrepreneurs mu...

Creative CSR is what India really needs

CSR has become compulsory. There is a rush to donate. But is CSR simply giving to causes or becoming...

Column: The fiscal fizzle

The deficit scolds are still going at it, even though the whole panic turned out to be a false alarm

Column: Budget thrust not what India needs

Pursuing macroeconomic stabilisation to gain competitiveness is required, not just boosting demand

Letters: The Jaitley doctrine

It is an old adage that “one cannot serve two masters”.
Ads by Google
Editorial: Protecting honest babus
AG is right on amending the law on CBI prosecution
Bad News
There’s really no reason why the government should not free up news for private FM channels
Letters to the editor: The role of HR
Apropos of Mercedes-Benz’s Suhas Kadlaskar interview “We have zero attrition among our blue-collar e...
Column: A development bank for developing nations
The challenge would be to get over the conflicting political, economic and governance structures of ...
Column: 1960s-style thinking on poverty
The Expenditure Commission would do well to reject the ancient methods of poverty measurement and al...
Budget a mixed bag for CSR
It is expected that companies would now try and align their CSR activities to areas where a tax reli...
Creating a more equal India
Rising inequality can seriously reduce welfare, slow down poverty reduction, undermine social stabil...
Editorial: That’s public money too
Revival of PSUs has to be carefully thought out
Editorial: Still a long road ahead
SLR/CRR-free infra bonds for banks not a sure shot
Liberalise Gold
Though gold imports are up 65%, they are within the comfort zone and jewellery exports are also suff...
Letters to the editor: Readying for GM
In the interview “GM crops can help India meet its food security needs” (FE, July 16), Ram Kaundinya...
Column: India’s rising liabilities
The rising liabilities mean the room for capital outlays has vanished
Column: Get a BIT pragmatic
The solution to BITs limiting India’s regulatory space is to renegotiate these treaties, not scrap t...
Learning to play the piano by taking a pill
In a recent TED talk, digital visionary Nicholas Negroponte rekindled hopes for a ‘skill pill’
Many hits, many misses
The Budget seems more like a continuation of the Interim Budget the UPA presented earlier this year
Editorial: Landing an opportunity
Modi govt does well to try and unravel bad land Act
Editorial: Powering up
CERC does well to stick to its stand on NTPC tariff
Bad Bid
Sotheby’s doesn’t seem to have a lot to gain from partnering eBay for online auctions
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