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Column: Making financial inclusion work

Besides providing banking services, it must be a channel to save for old age or children’s education

PM Narendra Modi should be given time to perform: Raj ThackerayMy govt will help states push exports, SEZs, says Prime Minister Narendra Modi
Column: Politics is back in reforms
The government’s best bet is to introduce all Bills in the Lok Sabha and allow them to work their wa...

Editorial: Hot AIR

Radio jockeys with a ripe sense of humour had better watch out

The forever slump

The United States should learn from Europe’s experience of raising interest rates too soon

Fixing innovation ecosystem

In India, innovation became part of the national policy when the government designated the decade de...

A real game-changer?

They are investment trusts that own and, in most cases, even operate income-producing real estate.
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Column: Take FDI norms beyond symbolism
More than the investment routes, foreign investors look for a consistent and single-window clearance...
Will the new financial inclusion plan work?
The government has drawn up a new plan focusing on fixing payment issues and not just opening bank a...
That sounds right
By adding a new dimension to audio, Dolby Atmos brings people back to the cinemas
Letters: PSU banks’ mergers
Once again, rumours of PSU banks getting merged is doing the rounds.
Column: Price control not in the interest of patients
Arbitrary price-control on medicines will affect quality while deterring both new pharma players and...
Editorial: Trai’s killer cure
With diagnosis mixed up, solutions are off the mark
Editorial: Flights of fancy
New players to make aviation pickings even smaller
The Tendulkar Rekha
Why blame celebs alone? Elected MPs cross the line, too
Column: How to kill an SEZ
An alternative headline for this piece could be ‘why should investors trust us?’
Column: Asia’s reform trinity?
Modi, Xi and Widodo must institute reforms that upset the existing order in their respective countri...
Eavesdropper: Wrong turn
When it comes to paying user charges, lawmakers need to take lead.
Letters: Ease KYC norms
Finance Minister Arun Jaitely has said that the government wants at least 2 bank account holders per...
Govt’s achievements fall short of expectations
Narendra Modi needs to be his own man and act according to his own intellect and convictions
Verdict corner: A call for complete overhaul in arbitration law
Law Commission’s recommendation can bring major changes in the business environment in the country
Vaccine Bonuses
Vaccines have now been proven to help reduce antibiotic resistance
Editorial: New state of play
Remove central discretion over funds for states
Editorial: Not quite the REIT time
It will take a while for REITs to be truly attractive
Editorial: More or less poverty?
World Bank suggests 100mn poor vs official 450mn
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