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The safety pin

PIN-enabled credit card is an additional measure initiated by RBI to make transactions secure. Here’...

Executive Director G Gopalakrishna takes VRS, joins as director CAFRALCredit growth slips to 13.8 pct; deposits up 15 pct
How investors can gain from technical analysis
For any investor, it’s important to understand the difference between technical and fundamental anal...

Donations to political parties eligible for tax deduction

Cash payments are not eligible for rebate.

Lessee treated as ‘deemed owner’ of house if lease is for 12 years or more

I earned long-term capital gain by selling a plot of land and wish to construct a residential flat f...

Play your cards right

Want to cancel your credit card? A few precautions you must take to avoid inconvenience in future

Five things to look for in your insurance policy document

Life insurance is the only financial tool that offers the triple advantage of risk coverage, long-te...
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Wealth tax basics: Get a grip for peace of mind
Wealth tax is a direct tax levied on individuals, HUFs and companies annually.
Short-term capital gains tax applicable if fund units redeemed before 12 months
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Check account & credit card statements every month
Are you among those who do not bother to check their bank statements regularly?
International workers: EPFO seeks to ensure stricter PF compliance
EPFO aims to ensure stricter provident fund compliance when it comes to foreign workers in India.
Raising the sales pitch
Irda has proposed the concept of insurance marketing firm to expand reach. A quick look at what it’s...
Life insurance policyholders can pay advance premiums only within the year
How do I look at a child plan that has a balanced mix of equity and debt to protect the capital and ...
Fundamental analysis: What it means for you as an investor
An investment is a commitment of funds for a period of time to derive a rate of return that would co...
Tax on capital gains from selling a house depends on period of holding
While each one of us wants to invest in real estate, one needs to be conscious of the tax implicatio...
Are you street smart?
With markets on upswing, every investor wants his share of pie.
Smart money: Franklin Templeton launches income fund
Franklin Templeton Investments (India) has launched an open-ended income fund called Franklin India ...
Third-party motor cover costlier by 10-20%
The insurance regulator has increased the mandatory third-party motor insurance premium rate for pri...
When investing in equities, don’t forget the ‘process’
The Chinese year of horse — 2014 — has had the equity market in India galloping. New highs are being...
Life insurance: Ninety-day window
Life insurers can now collect premium for a maximum three months in advance
Loss from sale of shares held for 12 months or less can’t be set off against salary income
The ITR form for FY14 is yet to be notified. Regarding your query on the tax rate, as the units of t...
Price-earnings ratio is key to valuing a firm’s performance
While valuing an individual share or stockmarket indicators such as Sensex or Nifty, financial analy...
Taxability of globally mobile employees
The number of globally mobile employees is on the rise: Many individuals working abroad visit India ...
Swipe benefits
Most credit cards offer benefits in the form or rewards or cash-back. Which one suits you the most?
FMPs are highly illiquid; don’t park your emergency funds there
What kind of fixed maturity plans (FMPs) should I look at for short-term investments and what are th...
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