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Deregulation Template

The near-elimination of the diesel under-recovery shows the way for tackling LPG and kerosene subsid...

Govt suspends its prized LPG subsidy transfer schemeGovt gives more LPG subsidy, lights a fire under Aadhaar project
Letters to the editor
The news regarding the coal stocks running out in major power plants is disturbing.

Column: What course must India’s rice import take?

Importing rice for Tripura and Mizoram doesn’t seem easy, but it is also a $450 million opportunity ...

Column: Reinvent PPPs in coal sector

Arbitrary barriers to private participation need to be eliminated to attract foreign investment

Editorial: Tokyo tango

A new chapter in Indo-Japan relations beckons

Editorial: Five pillars, one man

Raghuram Rajan has had a great first year in office
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Column: The stall-speed syndrome
Recessionary relapse for the US, EU and Japan can’t be ruled out given their weak growth.
Column: Under the RBI lens
Given the Urjit Patel monetary policy framework said household expectations were closely correlated ...
Nalanda 2.0
The new Nalanda varsity, much like the old one, is an opportunity for India to exercise soft power i...
Editorial: Stepping on the gas
Kelkar panel gets it right on market pricing
Editorial: The EPFO disadvantage
Why not free up people to sign up for NPS?
Editorial: Goodbye, MSN Messenger
One of the last remaining PC-based instant messaging services calls it a day
Column: Good governance 101
It is not about size, scope or ideology. Rather, it is about getting things done
Editorial: Burning coals
How SC addresses coal deallocation is important
Editorial: Too early to exult
The 5.7% GDP growth has a huge base effect in it
Column: Making PM Jan Dhan Yojana a game-changer
Key to this is getting account-holders to use their accounts regularly
Letters to the editor: Making things clearer
It may be true that “Govt’s achievements fall short of expectations”.
‘For those who have left the Congress, I can say, as a partyman, good riddance!’
Heading into polls, Haryana CM Bhupinder Singh Hooda says his state is No. 1, way ahead of Gujarat. ...
Editorial: Perfect electrical storm
Coal shortage threatens to trip grid, SC adds to it
Editorial: COS China can
With its indigenous OS, Beijing sleeps easy
External Considerations
Modi pitches for states having greater say in foreign affairs but this comes with a fresh set of pro...
Letters to the editor: Road to inclusion
The massive response the government received from the public for the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana ...
Column: Draghi calls for fiscal help, hears busy signal
Eurozone countries don’t seem likely to engage in any meaningful stimulus through government spendin...
Column: Building Asia’s new arc of prosperity
India and Japan can engage fruitfully in many areas—from infrastructure and services to skill-buildi...
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