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Editorial: Prohibition Hangover

Kerala’s move to ban alcoholic beverages outside luxury outlets will help bootlegging thrive

Liquor is part of Goa's culture, not possibility of Kerala-style ban: BJP leaderGod’s dry country: Chandy cuts short Kerala's tipsy walk
Letters to the editor: Flying high
This is with reference to the edit ‘Vat a take off’ (FE, August 21). Small town airports seem to hav...

Editorial: Poor savings outlook

Households still risk-averse, shun financial products

Editorial: Reducing exposure

RBI should lower group lending norms to 25%

Reform plan panel, don’t replace it

Let the body coordinate with think-tanks rather than have one replace it

Think the big changes through

Scrapping the Planning Commission or creating a new post at RBI must hinge on the purpose such moves...
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Bank credit: A key leading indicator?
Decelerating credit growth hints at something amiss in the current market optimism
Column: Shaping the plan panel’s successor
Have a hub-and-spoke model with a small body that coordinates, supports and draws from many think ta...
‘Somewhere India has to draw the line on how far can it go in its relations with Pak’
In this Idea Exchange moderated by P Vaidyanathan Iyer of The Indian Express, MoS for commerce and i...
Road projects get going
The April-June quarter of the current fiscal has seen a recovery of sorts in the road construction s...
Editorial: Mega-power problems
Without higher tariffs, UMPPs cannot survive.
Editorial: More GST glitches
Dual control can’t be wished away
Cold Shower: Ice Bucket Challenge
Fun begets charity: Donations pour in for ALS awareness as social media popularises stunt
Column: Agriculture not out of the woods yet
Though food inflation could be lower than last year’s 11.1%, fruit and vegetable prices remain the p...
Editorial: Correct oil strategy
Revenue-sharing will prevent KGD6-type instances
Editorial: The Rajasthan test
Its land acquisition law hikes payments, scraps SIA.
Editorial: An undesirable survey
Telangana’s BPL survey should be scrapped.
Column: RPTs, both diluted & strengthened!
There will be fewer Related Party Transactions needing shareholders’ approval, but not as few as Ind...
Column: Can central bankers stimulate global growth?
It may be unwise to underestimate their ingenuity—now that they are really determined to get faster ...
Truant Teachers
A greater role for private schools could check teacher absenteeism, which costs India $1.5bn annuall...
Powering Yoga
BKS Iyengar paved the way for the yoga industry despite his disdain for such entrepreneurship
Column: Chinese planning lessons for Modi
Going the way of China’s NDRC would create a body second to only the PMO, senior to most ministries
Column: Partisan Commission
While the Planning Commission, as per Stuti Khemani's findings, made 30% higher allocations to Centr...
Editorial: Vat a take off
Slashing VAT on ATF helps small-town India take off
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