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Changing the game

Changing the game

A message arrived in my inbox last week from Kirron Kher. I don’t know her, but you can’t ignore her, so I checked it out...

The eastern star

Kolkata’s tryst with golf harks back to the time when the game was played in plus fours and with hickory shafted clubs

Guru mindset hinders challenge

That scientific, logical and creative challenge is essential for ‘Make in India’ to take wing is what many of you, my valued readers, have written...

Columns: Vladimir Putin’s bubble bursts

The global plunge in oil prices and the falling rouble have wreaked havoc on the Russian economy

Editorial: On a wing and a prayer

Must sell 15mn tonnes of FCI stock, SUUTI shares...

Columns: Galvanising the commodities regulation

The government must clear the proposal of explicitly allowing FDI in commodities broking and trading

Horoscope: By Peter Vidal

Today ( 21 Dec )This Week ( 14 Dec - 27 Dec )

SAGITTARIUS Within twenty-four hours you will experience a planetary combination that conclusively ties professional and public prestige to financial prosperity. This is part of a five-year cycle dealing with deep, but positive, undercurrents, so don't expect instant results. read more