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Columns: For want of Rs 600 crore

Columns: For want of Rs 600 crore

The government should have helped out SpiceJet, it would have won itself a lot of goodwill...

Editorial: Development drive
Editorial: Development drive

When Narendra Modi became prime minister after the BJP swept past the Lok Sabha’s half-way mark on its own...

Editorial: Will the coal bids work?

Given the government’s stated desire to keep power tariffs...

Vinyl Returns

Vinyl records are making a comeback as prized collectibles...

Column: Dismantle the minimum support price regime

Indian futures/spot markets should be used for estimating prices and enabling price discovery.

A Diocletian error

Capping bids at CIL’s Run of Mine price vitiates the entire concept of availability-based tariff and merit order dispatch in the power market.

Making Jan Dhan Yojana work

On August 15, 2014, the Pradhan Mantri Jan Dhan Yojana (PMJDY) was announced...

Horoscope: By Peter Vidal

Today ( 19 Dec )This Week ( 14 Dec - 20 Dec )

SAGITTARIUS Quite a number of people have been suffering recently, many of them emotionally. Regardless of other considerations, your celestially-inspired task today is to begin to pick up the pieces. You could be much closer to solving a… read more