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    ‘While managing a crisis, prioritise’: Alan Iny, Associate Director, Boston Consulting Group, New York

    Between content, emerging trends and technologies, big data, analytics, and ever evolving strategies, there are a lot of things pulling businesses in different directions, making it challenging times to be in.

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    Around the World

    The popularity of high school basketball is immense. A Statista report claims that more than five lakh boys and over four lakh girls were part of high school basketball teams during the 2016-17 season.

  • Ashish Goel, Ashwin Suresh, Sattvik Mishra, Karan Gupta, facebook, facebook Ashish Goel, Ashwin Suresh, Sattvik Mishra, Karan Gupta
    Facebook’s changing algorithm

    Can Facebook’s decision to revert to its original style of news feed (more posts from friends and less from organisations) alter revenues and strategies for content publishers? BrandWagon speaks to four industry experts to gauge what this will mean for brands

  • sanjay bhutani, sanjay bhutani interview, interview of sanjay bhutani
    ‘An unexamined life is not worth living’: Sanjay Bhutani, Managing Director, Bausch & Lomb India

    The thing I love the most about my job is that we develop, manufacture and market products that make a meaningful difference in a patient’s life across the world.

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    Straight talk with IDFC

    IDFC is out with another cheeky campaign striking a blow to the often serious toned BFSI ads

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    ‘We are a baby in the Indian market’

    Nissan and Datsun aren’t terribly old in India; since their launch, the two car brands from the Nissan Motor India stable have distinctly targeted two different customer sets. While for Nissan, the focus is on tier I and metros, Datsun is looking to make deeper inroads into the heart of the country. Jerome Saigot of Nissan Motor India speaks with BrandWagon’s Shinmin Bali on the small town push for Datsun, the 2020 aim and becoming an ‘accessible’ brand.

  • Take 5: Shamsuddin Jasani MD, Isobar India

    13 Reasons Why — the writing is simply amazing.

  • social media, advertising, digital ads, TV communication, digital marketing, social media platforms, digital campaigns
    The action plan for digital: are you in?

    Digital might be a go-to medium for your ads, but many may not be utilising the platform well enough to extract a better bang for their buck

  • global advertising industry, india, Global mobile ad spending, share of Android mobile ad spending , APAC, US, eCPM growth
    How India compares to the West

    The global advertising industry is not just becoming increasingly mobile-first, but also app-first. Advertisers are continuously shifting their digital advertising budgets to apps, and as a result, in-app accounted for 96% of global ad spend on the Smaato platform in Q3 2017.

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    ‘Discovering’ the mass-premium play

    Discovery is entering a very competitive genre. The genre is extremely dependent on numbers; while advertisers will sample, premium rates only come in if it is a big reality show

  • mobile advertising, 2017 GroupM TYNY Worldwide report, digital advertising market, digital advertising market in india, India mobile internet users, OTT platforms, Dentsu Webchutney, OTT content consumption, IAMAI
    Fifty shades of mobile advertising

    The mobile ad ecosystem is undergoing a huge metamorphosis, with the rise of newer ad formats every day. But do marketers fully understand what mobile can do for them?

  • Shriti Malhotra, The Body Shop India, customer's experience, barometer, customers, profitable, Wikipedia, personal fitness, personal fitness training 
    ‘I guzzle up tons of information’: Shriti Malhotra, COO, The Body Shop India

    Retail is a mix of science, art and lots of math thrown in to drive a profitable P&L. It is important to be always on the move, both mentally and physically, to challenge the status quo, and to keep moving the goal post.

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    Around the World

    The company also launched a new brand Homesense. So while department stores and traditional retailers are facing the music, across markets, some analysts believe that growing rapidly will only help TJX.

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    A winter nightmare

    Nivea cleverly introduces the concept of winter odour in its new campaign to build year-round relevance. But is the creative strong?

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    Take 5

    The last series that I watched and was compelled to binge through was Doctor Foster. I also loved Baby Driver and Rajkummar Rao in Trapped.

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    Defining advertising and marketing in 2018

    The year will see more brands using technology to their advantage with a greater focus on the human side of marketing

  • Imperial Blue, Ogilvy & Mather, IMFL market, genders, age, geographie, races, Indian Alcohol Consumption Report 2017
    Imperial Blue will be Imperial Blue

    Year after year, Imperial Blue’s advertising has managed to entertain its patrons with tongue-in- cheek humour and its signature two-line ghazal. What sets the brand apart?

  • marketing, Google India, insurance category, Wasim Akram, gen Z, automobiles, personal care, furniture, travel, leisure, hospitality, entertainment
    The ‘grey’ area of marketing

    Millennials might bring in repeat purchases for brands, but it is the older generation that has heavier wallets and higher brand loyalty. Then why do marketers often give the elderly a miss?

  • PC market, Indian PC market, Lenovo India, Lenovo, AR VR technology, GST, PC category, Lenovo India, smart devices
    ‘PC penetration in India is still very low’: Bhaskar Choudhuri, Director — Marketing, Lenovo India

    The PC market overall, even at a global level, is seeing a marginal decline. In India, it is stagnating because there is no growth but there are two-three trends emerging.

  • reality shows, impact of reality shows on the industry, reality shows and entertainment sector
    The reel and ‘real’ formula

    As most big ticket non-fiction shows complete over 8-10 years of airing with some going even up to 15, is there enough steam left or do we see the fatigue factor seeping in?

  • Anupama Mandloi article, Anupama Mandloi financial express, entertainment industry in 2018
    Survival of the fittest

    The early 2000s saw the launch and entry of big ticket, international super formats into India starting with Who wants to be a Millionaire (Kaun Banega Crorepati) followed by music, dance, variety entertainment, adventure and cookery formats.

  • mattress industry, branded mattresses industry, branded mattresses market demand
    A springier bounce for branded mattresses

    As consumers slowly become more willing to try branded mattresses, given that it is a cost-sensitive proposition, long-standing traditional players in the category are reimagining themselves

  • Vinita Jain, Vinita Jain interview, Vinita Jain biotique, biotique Vinita Jain
    ‘I love Apple devices’: Vinita Jain, Chairman, Biotique

    I am doing what I love. At Biotique, we create innovative products for the health, beauty and well-being of our customers.

  • challenges for smartphone makers, smartphone makers challenges, upcoming smartphones in 2018, 2018 upcoming smartphone
    Smartphone marketers need to be ‘smart’ in 2018

    Some of the pertinent trends and dynamics likely to dominate the smartphone and consumer electronics markets this year include AI, IoT and 5G

  • club mahindra new advertisement, club mahindra advertisement, what is the appeal of club mahindra advertisement
    Worth a yawn or two

    Club Mahindra tries to sell the idea of spending holidays with one’s extended family and build memories, but fails miserably

  • Terry Savage, Terry Savage interview, interview of Terry Savage, who is Terry Savage, Terry Savage brandwagon
    ‘The Cannes Lions model will never be replicated’: Terry Savage, Chairman, Cannes Lions

    Since November, 2017, Cannes Lions has been in the news for two things. One, Terry Savage is moving on from his role at the Festival after a 33 year-term. Two, the Festival has announced a series of changes it plans on bringing in — a start towards the Festival of tomorrow that Cannes Lions is looking to be.

  • omni channel, retail balancing act, international marketplace fighting, tech enabled economy, brandwagon
    Omni-channel retail’s balancing act

    Today, customers don’t distinguish between channels — they demand the same experience across all touchpoints. And clearly, offline retail brands are upping their game when it comes to the digital revolution.

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