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Game Of Thrones Season 7 Episode 2: From Arya Stark meeting Nymeria to Lord Varys justifying his loyalties to Mother of Dragons, here are 5 top moments

Mon July 24 2017, 4:59 pm
  • After a record breaking premiere of Game of Thrones last week, the second episode started where the first ended at Dragonstone, the new home of Daenerys Targaryen. "Stormborn" the second episode, is a deeper look at what goes into planning a war that involves so many moving pieces, and how easily things can go wrong when you’re short on intelligence. Notably, at the end of season six, the major forces on a warpath were comically uneven. On one side, there was the newly-crowned Queen Cersei and the army of King’s Landing. On the other, we had Daenerys with the strong support of Highgarden and Sunspear, along with the Unsullied and the Dothraki. Plus, three giant dragons! The show needed to balance those odds, and “Stormborn” is very much an exercise in doing so. Here are the top five moments of Game of Thrones season 7 episode 2:

  • 1) Euron gets the gift he promised to Cersei Euron Greyjoy had promised Cersei Lannister a gift. Almost near the end of the second episode, Euron has a prize that is sure to impress Cersei. At sea with the Greyjoy fleet, he attacks the ship. He boards their ship and a fierce battle ensues. Amidst the fighting, Yara sees her fleet in flames. Euron kills two of the Sand Snakes and captures Ellaria before fighting with Yara on deck. He captures Yara and puts a knife to her throat and challenges Theon to come and save her. Theon shows his cowardice once again, jumping overboard instead of saving his sister. (HBO)

  • 2) 2) Varys justifies his shifting loyalties Daenerys and her advisers begin their planning to take over Westeros but Daenerys is slightly doubtful about Lord Varys, due to his changing loyalties. Varys finally convinces him that his loyalty lies with the people and not to any particular Queen or King. Daenerys accepts his answer but promises that if he betrays her, she will burn him alive, because you cannot expect anything else when you mess with the Mother of Dragons. (HBO)

  • 3) Sansa gets her rightful reward Jon Snow explaining to the Northern lords what needs to be done. Now that they know the location of dragonglass thanks to Sam, he must attempt to convince Daenerys to fight the common enemy. Once again, everyone in the room objected, reminding him the last King in the North who travelled south never came back. Sansa’s voice is among the loudest, as before. She says he’s abandoning their home, but Jon once again manages to convince everyone by saying he’s leaving it in good hands: hers. It’s a position that rightfully belongs to Sansa, to be fair. Were it not for her swift action in writing to Littlefinger for help, Jon would’ve ended up dead in the Battle for Winterfell last season. But owing to her gender, the North overlooked her and instead anointed Jon as their new King. With Jon setting for Dragonstone, Sansa now has what she deserved all along. (HBO)

  • 4) Arya Stark meets Nymeria: Arya meets her old friend, Hot Pie, who gives her the news that Jon Snow has taken over Winterfell. Arya changes her plans of going to Kings Landing and immediately heads to the North. Later in the episode, she meets a pack of wolves who initially approach her with bared fangs but later change their minds. Leading the pack is her direwolf Nymeria, who was last seen in Season 1 after she released the wolf into the woods to keep from being killed for biting Joffrey. She implores Nymeria to come back to Winterfell with her, but instead Nymeria simply walks off with her pack. The moment calls back Game of Thrones’ first season in more ways than one. As Nymeria departs, Arya says “That’s not you” which calls back to the time she rebuffed her father Ned Stark’s prediction of her becoming a wife to a great lord, and a mother to sons who will go on to become knights and lords with a simple “No, that’s not me”. (HBO)

  • 5) Grey Worm and Missandei: The bond between Grey Worm and Missandei has been slowly blossoming since the fourth season -from the former gazing at her in the pool to the latter teaching him the common tongue to name a few moments shared. The relationship touched new heights this week with both of them opening their hearts to each other as it’s revealed that Grey Worm must set out for Casterly Rock. Loving someone can be scary because you make yourself vulnerable, and Grey Worm’s touching anecdote about not having fears before he met Missandei is all that. He explains that when they’re young, Unsullied are made to embrace their fears. He didn’t have any fears himself, but that changed when he met Missandei. They both now fear losing each other, and the heavy emotion culminated into them ending up in bed. Grey Worm was hesitant in letting Missandei undress him - the Unsullied are castrated as children - but the affection she showed allowed him to get over it. (HBO)

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