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Cutest thing you would see today: Speedy babies crawl to win diaper derby in New York

Mon July 17 2017, 2:15 pm
  • Race time: In a race of laughter and false starts, 30 toddlers battled it out for glory in a three-metre crawling contest in New York on July 14. The rule of the race was simple: babies cannot stumble on their feet, though parents were allowed to encourage their kids with bottles of milk, television remote controls or key jangling. Take a look at the cutest pics of crawling babies. And yes, there are some winners too. (All images by Reuters)

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    What is happening, world!

  • Baby, give me some space.

  • I will win.

  • You think, you are smarter than me. Go home, there is only one winner.

  • Mommy, let me go.

  • I am not in a mood to finish.

  • I am the champion.

  • Okay, its time for celebration.

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