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PM Narendra Modi at North, South blocks, says beautiful lighting will brighten your evening! Do have a look

Wed October 11 2017, 8:41 pm
  • 1) Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with Home Minister Rajnath Singh, Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman amongst other dignitaries were seen outside North and South blocks today as night descended to be a part of the inauguration ceremony of new dynamic lighting system for these iconic buildings. Both the flanks of Rashtrapati Bhavan were lighted up and it was a delight to see the beautiful colour combinations. (ANI)

  • 2) The new system displays a wide range of themes with up to 16 million colour combinations. (ANI)

  • 3) An official told NDTV that the new facade lighting will be a treat to the viewer between 7 PM and 5 AM with colours changing every few seconds. The system will be at its full power between 8 PM to 9 PM the official added. (ANI)

  • 4) The iconic buildings at present are illuminated on eight selective days in an year which also includes Republic Day and Independence Day when the lighting is static. The system covers an area of 16,750 square metres, as per NDTV report. (ANI)

  • 5) The annual saving on account of new lighting with respect to replacement, maintenance and operation costs will be Rs. 86.40 lakh, the official told NDTV. The life of the new LED light fittings is expected to be over one lakh burning hours, coming to about 25 years as against only 10,000 burning hours for the existing system. (ANI)

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